4 Free Ways to Secure Your Home Today

All of us want to invest in the security of our homes so that we can protect our loved ones from harmful intruders. However, finding cost-effective ways to do so can be difficult.

From alarm systems to locks, security costs money, and we can spend a lot of restless nights trying to think of ways to protect those we love without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, there are a variety of methods you can use to increase your home security without going over budget.

Below we’ve outlined four ways you can begin securing your home today.

1) Cut back on vegetation

No wires, alarm systems, or expensive locks needed. All you need is a pair of clippers from the shed!
Bushes, shrubs, and trees are good hiding places for thieves.

When you keep your shrubbery trimmed down, you place your windows and doors in full view of your neighbors. There aren’t any areas where a person could sneak up or hide behind.

This can cut back on the likelihood of your home being selected for a robbery. Plus it makes for a great curbside look to the home.

2) Don’t show off the goods

Many thieves are opportunists and will pick a house to rob after profiling the home for a while. You might want to consider drawing your blinds in order to decrease the likelihood of a burglar spotting something shiny and attractive on a shelf or table.

Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and see what can be spotted in the windows from the curb. If you can see it, then a burglar will definitely notice it.

This is why it is also crucial to be careful with what you throw away and haul out to your curb. Don’t draw undue attention to what you’ve been purchasing, particularly if it’s a big screen T.V. or an expensive electronic gadget.

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Make sure to break down any large boxes to lower the chances that a thief will notice your recent purchases.

3) Lock up

This seems like a no-brainer, but that’s just it. It’s so simple that many people forget about it. Remember that no locks will serve you well if you forget to use them.

Get in the habit of locking up all your entries when you go out to prevent a break in from occurring in your absence.

However, what is even more important is locking up when you’re at home, particularly if your guard is down (i.e., if you’re sleeping or listening to music in the basement).

Don’t forget to close the garage door in addition to securing all your doors and windows. It’s an extra step that can keep your vehicles from getting broken into as well.

Lock up any valuables you may have. Things like jewelry, heirlooms, important documents and firearms should be ideally stored in a safe.

4) Take a trip to the local dog shelter

There are a variety of dog adoption facilities that will let you take home a family friend for free.
Think about it. Thieves like to slip quietly into a home, and if there are enough obstacles in their way, they will lose interest. The presence of a barking dog can be such an obstacle.

Note: Your canine doesn’t have to be highly trained in the art of defense. It doesn’t even have to chase anyone. It just has to be loud. A smaller, yappy dog might be more of a deterrent than an intimidating german shepherd.

Many times, if the bark is worse than the bite, it’s enough to scare a robber off.

Making Your Home a Safer Place

Most homes can never be 100% burglar proof, but there are many useful precautions you can take that will decrease your likelihood of being a victim and increase the safety of your family.

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Take these four easy tips home with you today to start being proactive about your home security.



This article was written by Lauren Ventosa. She is the owner and blogger at CaveArmor.com.  She’s passionate about helping people create a secure home that promotes peace of mind.  As a graduate of Franciscan University with a degree in communication & multimedia, she loves using the internet as an effective medium for enhancing lives through blogging.

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