5 Killer Reasons Spying On Your Spouse May Destroy You Very Fast

You may have one thousand and one reasons why you would want to spy on your spouse or girlfriend. From fishing out theft, infidelity to cheating and other wrongs. But are there other ways you can find these things out without actually spying on them?

Spying on your loved ones may not literately kill you but there are things worse than death itself. You have legitimate reasons why you would want to actively spy on your spouse, but many people believe that spying on your spouse should be avoided even if you’re right or wrong about your assumptions. Here are some core reasons.


You Are About To Drive Someone Really Crazy

If you do not really care about the arguments that may occur as a result, especially if your spouse finds out that her privacy is being violated, then by all means, go ahead, buy that spy camera and set it up wherever you wish.

But if you’re still contemplating it, then it’s important to know the consequence of what you’re about to do. Truth is, you’re about to drive someone really mad. If she finds out by any means, even if she’s guilty, it will lead to many lengthy and very complicated arguments that are difficult to resolve.

You also need to know that such even may lead to the end of your relationship. Look, spying on your loved spouse is like hiring a private investigator.

If eventually your wife is cheating on you and you’re able to catch her on spy cameras. Well, you’ve proved your point. Then what? But if on the flip side, you found out that you’re wrong, so sorry my friend, you’ve just suffered a major loss. So, think about it and ask yourself over and over again – is it worth it?


You Are About To Crush Someone’s Emotion

Imagine you were wrong but unlucky enough that she finds out you’ve been spying on her secretly. What message does this pass to her? Distrust. Right?

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She’s going to have a very difficult time trusting you like she used to. She will probably start watching over her shoulders every time. She will probably be wondering what else you’ve planted on her and for how long she’s been bugged.

She will probably be afraid of your presence and she’ll not even be secure in your absence, who knows, you might be peering at her through a remote internet pinhole camera.

If you even find yourself in this situation, I’m sorry my man, you’ve just been clipped and you’ve lost her.


Beware, You’re Calling Attention To yourself

Have you ever heard that hunters can also become the hunted?

Some women (or men – so you know I’m not a sexist) don’t give up so easily. If they find out you’re spying on them, they’d turn around and hunt you down. Look man, every  one has got a skeleton in his cupboard. There are some things you also do not want anyone to know about you.

So the point is, by spying on your spouse, you’re setting yourself up and possibly attracting unwanted attention on yourself. There is a good chance she will return the favor when you are least expecting it. One day, you may just find a video of yourself on the internet… wh__kn’ off.

Now, who’s been clipped and who’s going to lose his job if his boss finds the video?


Get Ready For a Fightback

Some people do not take kindly to being spied on. They consider it very offensive and life-threatening. If that is the case you might regret spying on them more than you know. Especially if they are doing things that are illegal.

These kind of people are like green snakes under the green grass.

They are extremely dangerous. You might just get yourself clipped or they might have you killed through someone else. If you manage to survive, then don’t be surprised if something else happens in your life. These may all be extreme cases but never underestimate your target.

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Is It Even Legal in Your State?

Whether you caught them doing something or not, there are some heavy consequences that may ruin your life. For example, have you considered if it’s even legal in your state to use electronics spy devices? Are you ready to get sued for intrusion of privacy?

You could be committing a crime. You many be setting yourself up as the next jailbird in town. You could be termed a stalker, predator, child molester and giving serious restraining order. Good luck getting a good job or another partner after that.

Your time in jail could be rough (just remember not to pick your soap in the bathroom!).


Have You Tried All Other Options?

Have you considered talking about it and communicating your concerns? Maybe you can find a common ground and resolve the issues amicably. Have you considered letting her know how much she means to you and why you feel something is not right about your relationship and why you would want both of you to work it out together?

Point is, there are more than one way to skin a cat, ripping the coat off while still alive is not one of them.

Spying on your spouse may be more disastrous than you can afford. Make sure it is your last option and you have carefully and objectively explored every other solution options.


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