6 Step Security Plan For Apartment Renters

Regardless of the type of dwelling, everybody wants to feel secure inside of their homes. Living in an apartment is no exception. In fact, due to issues like close living to your neighbors, high traffic through the apartment complex and other people besides you and your occupants having keys to your home, security while living in an apartment complex may be even more important.

Ensuring your safety, and that of your family requires due diligence before you even move into your new home. But if you’re already living in an apartment complex, there are still measures that you can start taking now.

Use this 6 step plan to make sure your security while living in an apartment.

1) Locks

If you have the ability to alter your residence, install new locks on your doors. Past tenants may have made copies of their keys, which could mean they could still enter the apartment. Though this may not be possible at some apartment complexes, it is a great step to ensuring that you’re the only one who can have access to your space.

With an apartment, you may not have the advantage of a peephole or windows near the door.   If someone knocks on your door, you won’t be able to find that person before opening it.  At the very least, install a chain on your door allowing you to open it to speak to someone without completely unlocking the door.

2) Personal Protection

Owning a weapon for personal protection is another way to ensure your family’s safety. While you would hope to never have to use it, a firearm can act as a deterrent in an ongoing robbery. Understandably, owning a firearm comes with some responsibility on how to properly use the firearm and how to properly store the firearm.  If a firearm doesn’t seem right for you, keeping pepper spray or a baseball bat near your bed can protect you in the event of a break-in.

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3) Befriend the Landlord

Work together with the landlord to ensure a solid relationship.  Express your wish for a secure residence, not only for yourself but for all the tenants.  Building this rapport with your landlord will give you a firm ground to be able to share your ideas.

4) Learn All Exits

Know all the exits throughout the apartment building. This means not only the high-traffic stairs or elevators but also any fire escapes.  If you have a fire escape that you can get access to through your apartment, make note of it because it could be your only way out if someone breaks in.

5) Meet The Neighbors

Get to know your fellow apartment dwellers.  Being able to recognize who lives on your floor can help you familiarize yourself with who should or should not be in the building.  You shouldn’t be too skeptical of unfamiliar faces, but it will be easier to judge a suspicious person when you are aware of the people who live near you.

There are certainly other measures that can be taken including installing a security system or making use of an already installed system. Also making sure your window blinds sufficiently block anyone from seeing into your apartment.

6) Check Lights

Making sure your apartment is properly lit both inside and out is another important measure. If you see lights in common areas and parking lots that have gone out, inform management and describe the situation as a safety concern. Keeping the apartment complex well-lit will decrease the likelihood of a thief finding a dark hiding spot.

Timers for your indoor lights and appliances are also worth the investment, especially if you are away from the apartment for an extended amount of time. It’s actually important to use the timers before you are away so that anybody interested will see an established routine that doesn’t change even when you are not home.

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Whatever steps you decide to take, don’t cut any corners and take all precautions. After all, there is nothing more important than the security of you and your family.




This article was written by Lauren Ventosa. She is the owner and blogger at CaveArmor.com.  She’s passionate about helping people create a secure home that promotes peace of mind.  As a graduate of Franciscan University with a degree in communication & multimedia, she loves using the internet as an effective medium for enhancing lives through blogging.

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