8 Year Protect America Security System customer Speaks Out

 By Tory Miller, (Silver Spring, MD)

I have been a Protect America customer for over 8 years.  I originally purchased the system for a three level townhouse and later moved it to a single family home.
The system contains sensors on each door entryway, multiple windows, as well as a motion sensor in the living room. It also has two keypad units – one base station and another wireless unit.

I’ve had nothing but exceptional experiences with Protect America. I’ve had to contact the company a few times on false alarms, and also contacted once to upgrade older hardware.

8 Year Protect America Security System customer Speaks OutIn all instances, they are extremely friendly and knowledgable. Their pricing has always been more than competitive through the years. I know this as every few years I’ll get a door to door salesman trying to sell another system – and the pricing is never quite as good. Believe me, this is an 8-year Protect America security system customer speaking out!

Bay Alarm Security Systems

Bay Alarms is another nationally renowned alarm company. They also specialized in residential security and home protection. They operate with custom security systems and do not force upgrades on customers. Furthermore, all of the employees of Bay alarm are well educated on how to properly install and operate the security system.

So, with 24 hour support, if any issues should arise these employees will be able to fix the issue before any harm comes to the home owner for the malfunction. Furthermore, their top services are burglary and 24 hour video monitoring protection.

If a homeowner is planning on being gone for an extensive period of time, they can inform Bay alarm systems of this and have their home monitored more closely as well. Also, Bay alarms offer fire protection as well as some medical emergency protection and alarms.

As a result, they are a great choice when looking for a more inexpensive and hands on company for a home security system. However, there is the complaint that the charges for security can fluctuate depending on the amount of video monitoring required as well as the amount the alarm system was actually used. As a result, monthly bills often fluctuate causing issues.

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