How ADT Alarm Systems For Home Ward-Off Competitors

Since 2012, there has been lots of merging and acquisition going in the electronic security industry, especially for ADT Alarm Systems.

First, Broadview silenced Brinks Security through a major acquisition. Then, barely one year later, as a lioness crushes her prey for her little cubs.

ADT security systems’ mother corporation, Tyco International, warped Broadview security systems and changed its name and all assets to ADT. Impressive isn’t it? That is exactly what happens when money speaks.

ADT has now successfully established its authority in the electronics home security industry.

Choosing the best home alarm system is pretty easy now because figuratively speaking, there are only two alarm monitoring companies: ADT Alarm Systems and others. So, you see, the game of who gets your money and alarm monitoring contracts is now between ADT and a few other smaller companies.

Brinks Home Security Systems Before ADT Acquisition

Some smaller security companies use Brinks as their main choice of alarms and security systems monitoring services. Brinks security also installs own products as well.

Brinks Security systems come in both wireless and wired, which is a great feature. If homeowners do not want drilling to the walls, a wireless feature is definitely the best option.

If a house is being built and will have security systems, it is possible to build the system right into the walls of the house. As a result, Brinks is very versatile. Moreover, they have a great reputation and have been around for many years. They offer motion detection systems as well as sensitive security alarm systems.

Home Burglar Occur Every 15secs! See How House Alarms Can Help

ADT Security systems services

There are a few customer complaints about Brinks, though. The first is that the installation for Brinks has a lengthy wait time since they do run through many smaller security companies and service many households.

This can be a problem if security is an immediate concern to the homeowner.

Since Brinks Corporation is a large company with special focus on securing money, precious metals, diamond, jewelries, airlines as well as private residences, so it is difficult to reach a customer service representative that will have the tools to help private residents in such a large company.

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Brinks security now focuses on providing security services to other industries having sold the home security business to ADT alarm systems and services.

ADT Security Services After Acquiring Brinks & Broadview

ADT Alarm Systems is now the largest provider of alarm systems in the United States. Their coverage and home security services are also the most comprehensive and most secure. As a result, ADT home alarm system monitoring service is one of the most expensive service plans as well.

ADT Security Services include burglar monitoring, fire monitoring, medical monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, flood monitoring, wireless security systems, lifetime warranty on equipment, keychain remote access, 24 hour monitoring.

ADT Alarm Systems offer protection against almost everything. They specialize in burglary prevention and their video monitoring solution features built-in alarms for effective burglar detection and prevention.

ADT Security systems services

A single ADT system can help protect you from burglary, fire, high levels of carbon monoxide and medical emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ADT home security systems also offer a special home automation and control package called The Pulse. The Pulse regulates home lighting, controls thermostats that are connected to your ADT alarm systems.

This feature is adaptable, versatile and can help save energy and money. Additionally, ADT home security alarm systems provide remote video monitoring allowing you to use cameras on your touchscreen gain views of who is at your front door without having to open the door. Interestingly, it appears ADT security is a little flexible today. For example, if a home-owner moves, ADT offers relocation services.

ADT Pulse Alarm Security systems services

Benefits Of ADT Alarm Systems Services

adt wireless home security system

ADT is by far the largest and most respected home security firm in the nation.

Their packages for in-home security are vast and very technologically advanced. ADT offers the “Pulse” remote-controlled security system which lets you set your alarm off premises (if you happen to forget).

On top of that, the “Pulse” lets you control simple things such as climate control and lighting with a simple remote. ADT offers an array of guarantees that many competitors do not offer, such as their Theft Protection guarantee.

ADT Alarm Systems and Customers’ Complaints: Common complaint against ADT security appears to be that when you are dealing with a giant like ADT, there is going to be service issues. Complaints often range from faulty installations to technicians overcharging.

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With ADT you are getting a quality product, but on the other hand, service seems to suffer. This is a reoccurring problem when you secure millions of homes across the country.

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