ADT Brinks Alarm System Laying Solid Security Foundation

Brinks is a trusted name in home alarm monitoring security systems. Brinks has been manufacturing security systems for many years and I owned a security system from Brinks for 10 years in South Florida.

Overall I was very pleased with our security system and had good experiences with the installation, the use, the cost, and the overall product. The installation process took nearly a complete day and involved placing the system into the house and wiring all the sensors at the different windows and door openings.

The parts of the system were hidden around the windows and doors. The control panel blended in well on a wall. The installers were professional and friendly and gave sound instruction on the product before leaving the house.

The security system was a wired system so the wires dropped down from the attic and were connected to sensors on all the different openings. The different sensors included magnetic and glass break sensors. The operation of the system was fairly straightforward.

A control panel was at the front door, a horn in the attic, and sensors at all doors and windows. The system worked well overall but there were some instances when some of the door sensors came loose and it would sound the alarm.

When the alarm would sound this provided us with an opportunity to deal with the customer service representatives. They would call the house to see if a real issue occurred and if the police should be called out. This was often a challenge as the horn was blaring at several hundred dB of sound pressure level and you needed to recall a security code to prevent the police from visiting. adt-brinks-alarm-system-solid-security-foundation

I think the ADT Brinks alarm security system was the best choice based on their vast experience with security systems, the cost of the unit to install, the cost of the hardware, and the monthly recurring cost. During the ten years that I had the service, I do not recall a price increase for the monthly charge. It was a competitive rate at the beginning and end of the ten-year period.

We also felt that it did help deter break-ins to the house for the majority of our neighbors had systems so this put us with them. If a potential burglar went from house to house and saw the Brinks sign in our window they would rather approach a house without a system.

Another nice feature of the system was a panic button. This button could be pressed in an instance where a burglar followed you into the house. As you de-activated the alarm upon opening the door, you could send a silent alarm to Brinks for them to immediately call the police for help.

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I’d recommend an ADT/Brinks security system to other potential buyers based on the experiences I had with their installation, with the operation, and with the customer service. I was pleased with it and that’s why I kept it in our house for over 10 years until we relocated out of Florida.


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