ADT Security Systems With Surveillance Camera

By Steven Helton, (Fort Wayne, IN),

Well it was just a few months ago and my girlfriend and I just found a trailor for sell in this small trailor park. The trailor itself look in good condition from the outside I mean compared to the other trailors in the park ours had windows and a door.

So we both discussed about security after we had to install storm windows throughout the entire home because the original plexy glass windows where broken and about to fall out of the trailor.

As I went to get some fresh air from all the money stress and broken plexy glass I happened to look down the streets to find some other descent looking houses like ours. As I began to screen the neighborhood with my eyes I noticed our next door neighbors didn’t have any windows in their house.

They had blankets and what not hanging from the frames and one looked as if it had a hillbilly peep-hole slit into it. Well that was the fresh start life neighborhood and I fell down when I started having chest pains.

My girl came running outside and ask me if everything was all right I just said call the ADT company this place looks bad babe and I’m not leaving two thousand dollar windows unattended while where packing back home.

ADT Security finally came out and I met an installation representative he said his name was Greg and he then started discussing about what would happen the process of getting the security system installed and asked us a few more questions about our house and began working.

After he had set up the security system he then went over the process of setting it and gave us the manual.

The security system is great because I know personally that with that ADT sign they gave us to stick out in the front yard will scare away potential burglars. I know that the sound will get them.

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Everytime I open the door it makes a loud noise beep and a woman comes on the other end and tells me what door I just opened.

I thought that was cool for the first twenty times but now it won’t stop I guess it does it’s now annoying.

But it’s been awhile since we installed it and there has been no break ins and its funny cause we still haven’t moved in and I think that we might just end up renting the place out and finding somewhere else to live.

But all in all I wouldn’t buy any other security system besides ADT because for years that sign that ADT has sticking in the yards of their customers burglars know not to mess with ADT or it is prison term for them.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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