Simplisafe Apartment Security Systems Without Contracts

If you are looking for apartment security systems that neither cost an arm and leg nor would empty your wallet then you need to consider Simplisafe wireless apartment alarm security system.

SimpliSafe systems are perfect for city or apartment dwellers due to the fact that they are extremely easy to relocate if you ever need to pick up and move to another home.

These apartment wireless alarm systems are designed to be wall-mountable. Since the devices are lightweight, there are two special adhesive strips at the back of each component to stick the to the wall.

With this strips, any of the alarm components can be removed without damaging the surface that they are stuck to.

Extra adhesive strips are also included in case you need to relocate your devices. The portability, simplicity, no-nonsense contractual obligation, and the wireless feature of these wireless home alarm systems make it a toast for those whose job need them to move often (e.g. military).

If you are a user of Simplisafe wireless apartment security systems, share your experience with Simplisafe Home Security.

You will be helping hundreds of people considering options of wireless alarm systems for their apartments.

Package Contents of Simplisafe Apartment Alarm

A complete wireless alarm system consists of small tower Base Station, Keypad, Keychain remote, 2 Entry sensors, 1 Motion sensor, Panic button, Owner’s manual, Extra adhesive strips, SimpliSafe stickers, Phone line, AC adapter for base station.

You will notice that 2 sensors seem too small to secure an average home but you can definitely custom build your wireless security alarms. You will be surprise to see how cheaper it is.

Note that while some home security companies offer free systems with up to 15 sensors, (e.g. Free GE Security System), you will have the long-term alarm monitoring contract to deal with.

While some people swear by the traditional Free ADT security systems, or Free GE alarm systems some prefer the new innovative home security companies.

Ultimately, the choice is yours between purchasing your own home security equipment “completely” or on getting the house alarms system on long-term contractual terms as free home security system.

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Apartment Security Systems Monitoring Contract

Here comes the big word “contract!”

…but the good news is this wireless apartment alarm system do not need alarm monitoring service contracts, no phone line, no bogus bond….. Hurraaaay!

If you are not aware, most home alarm monitoring companies provide “all-in-one” packages, sometimes branded free home security systems.

However, such subscription often involve a long-term alarm system monitoring contract which sometimes renew automatically.

This service contract is a major reason many people avoid home alarm systems and it is also one of the major complaints between home security companies and their customers.

…and here comes Simplisafe Home Security with optional subscription on their apartment security systems which you can cancel, re-activate or switch anytime without any obligation, charges, cancellation or activation fees.

Indeed, anybody who has ever had service contract problems with any home alarm monitoring company would agree that this is a fantastic feature of this DIY home alarm system.

Although SimpliSafe offer a completely optional low-cost 24/7 Emergency Dispatch alarm monitoring for $14.99 but it is clearly a fraction of charges by big home security monitoring companies like ADT Security Systems, Brinks, Monitronics Alarms, Protect America, Vector Security, Vivint, and CPI Security… if accumulated over few years.

If you choose not to subscribe to the 24/7 Emergency Dispatch subscription, the apartment security systems have an optional auxiliary siren blasters producing deafening sounds to scare the hardest of criminals.

Though, it is however recommended to subscribe to the 24/7 Emergency Dispatch to effectively secure your home.

Interestingly, this apartment security systems have free cellular connection. This means your system can make a wireless connection call to the Dispatch Center in case of emergency.

Note that in case of emergency, you have two options for immediate dispatch.

  • Program a “Duress PIN” which shuts of the alarm from blasting but makes a discreet call to dispatch for police emergency dispatch. Hence, no “safe word” is required.
  • Alternatively, bypass the “DURESS PIN” but configure your apartment security system NOT to verify alarm.

The 2nd option is however not recommended to avoid excessive false alarm. Also, it is suggested to use “safe word” to verify alarm triggers when NOT under duress.

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Instant SMS and Email notifications are also enabled to give you smart surveillance tips and reports when your alarm is triggered, armed or disarmed.

Are you a current or earlier user of Simplisafe apartment security systems? Why not write your thoughts, experiences and suggestions for others.

Your feedback will be invaluable in helping hundreds of people who may be considering wireless alarm systems options available to them.

Home Alarm System Free Installation

Now this is where it gets interesting. This DIY home security system only takes between 10-20 minutes to install and fully activate. It’s pretty simple.

You don’t need to wait endlessly for any alarm technician, neither would you have paid any cent on security alarm installation nor feel uncomfortable having strangers bagging into your living room or bedroom to fix stuffs.

All you need is 10 minutes, some imagination of where to best place your door entry sensors, motion sensor contacts and base station.

By the way, you are not limited to the few sensors provided in the package, you have option to scale your motion sensors, door sensors up to 26 more components. It’s plug & play.

All your sensors arrive pre-programmed, batteries installed and adhesive strips ready-mounted, so set-up just takes minutes. No tools required – just peel the battery strip and stick to activate the sensors.

In fact, there’s a 5-minute wireless home alarms installation video at Simplisafe official site. No single wireless security alarms can give equal satisfaction for everyone.

Simplisafe apartment security systems and wireless alarms are still undergoing several consistent development. Currently, there is no fire alarm detection or smoke detection module. Also, it does not include home automation features.


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