APX Alarms User Review

I have loved my APX alarms. I was not going to get one when I moved to the new neighborhood because I have never had one even in a very large city and then when I lived in the woods. I was sold on it when the man told me that the alarm chimes and tells you what door has been opened.

At the time my daughter with Down Syndrome was 6 years old and was a flight risk. She wore a GPS monitor from the sheriff’s department just in case she was to wander off and get lost. Prior to getting the alarm actually the very first day in our new house… she ran off and was found 30minutes later 3 streets over.

So, when the chime was mentioned I was sold. I set off the alarm several times by accident and they called very quickly. The police were even sent because I couldn’t get to my phone fast enough and they could not get a hold of my husband.

The first time it was set off the same officer came that helped find my daughter. I felt very humiliated but safe at the same time. I also like all of the functions of the device. It has so much that I didn’t ever use it all.

They gave me a DVD to watch to help understand all the functions and how to use them. I hope you enjoy your APX alarm.

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