APX Vivint Alarm Security System

By Madben, (Erie, PA)

With my family having owned a home in the neighborhood for over 30 years we were offered a free system and a discount on the monthly service fee.

Not owning the house myself I repeatedly told the sales representative that I would have to discuss it with my mother first and she was not available that day.

The next thing I knew the installation crew was drilling holes in the walls and the salesman was shoving a contract in my face and teasing me to forge my mother’s signature. After having the house “damaged” I signed contract and they installed the control panel, security camera, smoke/CO detector, glass break detector and dead bolt.

The installation crew did clean up after themselves and were very friendly. However, when I was able to talk to my mother about the system she did not want it. After months of jumping through hoops to have them remove the system my mother finally paid 1300 dollars to settle with the company. We have yet to have any issues that would actually test how well the system really works.

While the system seems to be good quality the sales person acted in a way that was unethical and the company made it too difficult to have the issue resolved. Overall the company has left a bad taste in my mouth as well as my mothers.

I do not believe that there is anything that the company can do to change either my mother’s or my perception of the company.

Do You Use Vivint Home Security Systems?

Please share your thoughts about Vivint home alarm systems. Let us know who the security systems has worked for you. If you are dissatisfied with the serve please share with us. Your review will help countless other people.

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