Baby Monitor Camera as Best Parenting Tool for Mums

I had a discussion with an accomplished career woman about how important baby monitoring systems are in parenting. She disclosed mistakes she made during her early days of parenting. These articles here are real eye openers for mums to avoid future regrets.

An African adage says “10 borrowed eyes cannot be like one’s own eyes.” Meaning, there’s no way other people can look after what does not belong to them the way the owner would.

The adage makes perfect sense when we consider how abusive and totally uncaring some nannies and babysitters are.

We live in a world so base and perverted that mind-troubling evils are being done daily by caregivers and people we trust. Nowadays, mothers must be extremely careful of who they leave their babies with even for few minutes.

If only babies could report bad things done to them by their caregivers, we’d be surprised at how awful, insensitive and unpleasant some nannies can be….

An accomplished career woman narrated how she felt bad for many years because a family friend she trusted did something really nasty to her daughter when the baby was about 1 year old.

Some caregivers can be so heartless that they even maltreat physically challenged adults, autistic children and sick elderly folks they are paid to provide care for.

That is why before employing the service of a babysitter, caregiver or housekeeper for your child, old seniors, grandparents or even your pet, it’s a great idea to conduct background check and assess police records.

Even then, quality babysitter video monitors will still be necessary to monitor how your babysitter is treating your child. There are such baby video monitors you can view over the internet.

There are multi camera child safety monitors which are also perfect to monitor autistic children around the house to prevent them from hurting themselves. Please note that there are safety measure to consider when setting baby surveillance cameras.

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Babysitter Video Monitor Cameras For Child Surveillance


How Baby Video Monitors Help You Avoid Future Regrets

Many mothers have suffered great misfortune in the hands of their baby’s caregivers and have not been able to forgive themselves for NOT paying proper attention to the safety of their little children. These smart tips may help…

Check out what these users are saying about their video baby monitors:

Amazing Video Baby Monitor Reviews From Real Users

Wireless Video baby monitor is an excellent device to monitor your child. These reviews show what people are saying about their babysitters video monitor and how baby monitoring systems helped them capture great moments…

Find out some things to avoid when using baby monitors:


Avoid Strangulation Hazards With Baby Monitor Safety Tips

Infant Sudden Death (ISD) often occur due to carelessness of the parent or babysitters. To avoid deadly strangulation hazards, these baby monitor camera safety tips provide essential guides on mounting your wired baby cameras.

Read how you can catch abusive nannies on camera:


Babysitter Monitoring Camera Exposed Abusive Babysitter

I never really gave much thought to having surveillance systems for our home until we got married and had our first child. Not too long after, our babysitter video camera caught bad babysitter abusing our baby with sleeping pills.

Here’s a cool way to talk to your newborn:


How Nanny Cameras Makes Monitoring Your Child So Easy

For mummies out there who need basic information on using babysitter video camera. Using these recommended video baby monitors as your child tracking devices, you have no more worries about the safety and security of your child.

Don’t just buy a video monitor, learn about them:


Best Features To Look For In Video Baby Monitor Cameras

Wireless quiet sounds colored baby monitor camera allow you relax and focus on other activities while you keep an eye on your child and see his every move with constant “eyes-on” capabilities. See the best must-have features…


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