Samsung Baby Monitoring System Keeps You Connected

Samsung wireless video baby monitoring system is currently one of the trendiest, feature-rich wireless video baby monitors with amazing image and audio qualities that will keep you satisfied with the safety of your child.

The baby security systems combine sleek and stylish designs with the latest technologies that are simple to use for any parent. The parent unit provides clear color video on a large 3.5” screen for easy viewing.

Some of these smart technologies have been adapted and polished from the digital technologies that power few of the recent point-and-shoot cameras in the Samsung Electronics line-ups.

Samsung wireless child monitoring system currently boasts four video baby monitors. These are the Samsung SEW-3034 SmartView, SEW-3035 SecureView, SEW-3020 RemoteView, and Samsung SEW-3022 EzView.

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Three Key Features of Samsung Wireless Video Baby Monitors:

  1. Advanced Night Vision Capability:All four Samsung baby monitoring systems come equipped with night vision capability.This is because each baby monitor camera comes with infrared light illuminators which illuminate the camera even in complete darkness without disturbing your baby’s sleep whatsoever.
  2. Excellent Pure Digital Signal:If you have used some other wireless video baby monitors in the past, you will realize that some can interfere with your wireless routers, microwave oven, and other wireless devices in your home.The Samsung wireless video baby monitors are unique. They never interfere because the signal runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency, thus, giving you an assurance that your video display will not be disrupted.
  3. Skype or MSN Connectivity:Who says toddlers cannot Skype or chat on MSN? In fact this is where the Samsung wireless baby monitors shine.With certain models, you can connect your unit to the internet and use your Skype or MSN account to view your baby monitor camera. Use your baby surveillance system as a nanny cam or use it to share with your friends of family. It is simple to set up and a very useful tool.

Summary: Samsung Wireless Video Baby Monitor Review

Samsung baby video monitors come standard with many features designed with parents’ convenience in mind. First, the pure digital signal provides secure and interference free video of your baby.

All four models come standard with night vision capability. You can check on your baby without disturbing him/her by turning on the light. All four models also come with SD card slots for video record and upload, making it easy to share videos of you baby with loved ones.

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