Video Baby Monitors Safety Guides

These are video baby monitors safety information for educating parents and caregivers of the potential safety hazards associated with power cords being placed too close to a crib, play area, or other baby sleep environment.

There have been many reports of infant sudden death (ISD) due to carelessness or negligence of the parent or babysitters to baby monitors safety precautions.

Never place any power cord within 3 feet of the crib. Many parent often try to improvise when certain things they need are not available. For instance, someone once told me, when the desirable is not available, you make the available desirable.

This is not the case for child safety products. The point is, always be sure to use only the AC adapters provided with your baby video monitors to avoid cable melt-down and unexpected fire hazards.

Avoid Strangulation Hazards: Many baby video monitors come with power cables. To avoid unfortunate incidence, your top baby monitors safety priority should be to keep power cord away from baby’s reach as much as possible.



Mounting Video Baby Monitors On Tabletops

To avoid regrets, we highlight below some simple but very important baby monitors safety tips to consider for mounting baby video monitors on table tops or similar household decor.

  1. Place the baby monitor / camera on a tabletop no less than 3 feet away from your baby’s crib.
  2. Feed the power cord down the back of the table or use wall clips to secure the cord away so baby cannot reach the cord.
  3. Plug in the power cord, check your video receiver unit to ensure that you are getting a good view of your child and there are no obstructions

Mounting Baby Safety Monitors On Walls

Providing security and conducive environment for children is one of the basic requisite of a good parent. Therefore, when setting up baby monitor for your child, you would most likely want to drill a hole on the wall for proper installation.

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However, before drilling, it is important to check the reception and baby camera or video monitor positioning in the place that you intend on hanging the device.

Ensure you are hanging the camera no less than 3 feet away from baby’s crib for optimal viewing.

  1. Pre-drill a hole in the wall using specified nail size in your product user manual.
  2. Insert a wall anchor into the wall and tap gently with a hammer until the anchor is flush with the wall.
  3. Insert a screw into the wall anchor and tighten until the screw only sticks out about 1/2 inch.
  4. Plug the power cord into the power jack of the camera or monitor.
  5. Locate the wall mounting hole on the bottom or back of the baby camera or video monitor.
  6. Slide the hole over the screw sticking out of the wall as if hanging a wall clock.
  7. Check to see that the baby video camera is secure, if it is loose you may have to tighten the screw more.
  8. Use wall clips to secure the power cord away from the crib or baby’s reach.

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Best Wireless Baby Video Monitors

We know how hard it is to review, select, decide on the essential functions or features of the wireless digital video baby monitors you are considering. However we have simplified the work for you:

Other Babysitter Video Baby Monitors Safety Tips

Sometimes they say experience is the best teacher. But gosh… you don’t want to play dice with your baby’s life.

Right here we provide some other baby monitors safety guides you also need to keep in mind during installation:

  1. When an AC Adapter is plugged into an electrical outlet, do not touch the exposed end. Test monitor before first use, periodically, and when changing location of the baby monitor camera.
  2. Do not use child monitors near water (such as bathtub, sink, etc.) and safely keep the baby monitor away from heat sources (such as stoves, radiators, etc).
  3. Make sure there is proper ventilation around all monitor components and do not place on sofas, cushions, beds, etc. which may block ventilation.
  4. Handheld baby video monitors are not toys. Do not allow children to play with them.
  5. Wireless baby monitors use public airwaves to transmit signals. Hence, interference and cross signal pick-up may occur.
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In this case, your wireless baby video monitor may pick up signals from other baby cameras around you. Similarly, signals broadcast by your monitor may be picked up by other babysitter video monitors in your neighborhoods.

In effect, when you tune your video monitor receiver, and you see another person’s child in a crib, do not fret, it is simply signal interference which results due to the reasons above.

Note that this is not often an equipment fault, rather, it is an environmental problem on which you obviously do not have much control.

Adhering to these baby monitor safety tips would ensure the your child is safe from self-inflicted accidents and you can effectively enjoy the best use of your baby monitoring system.


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