Baby Settles Scores From Sleep

by Sydney
(Santa Barbara, California)

Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor

That night, Kari was yet again having a difficult time falling asleep… Then, all of a sudden, after making no sound for a long time, Kari lifted up her head and said groggily…

I was visiting my family in Denver, Colorado, and had decided to stay with my sister’s family. Under her roof was: myself (Sydney), my four year-old daughter (Anne), my two year-old son (Peter), my sister (Janie), my brother-in-law (James), my four year-old niece (Kelly), and my three-old niece (Kari). It was a crazy two weeks, but so much fun!

My sister was pregnant with daughter number three, and so I had brought her a shower gift – a new Summer Infant Best View Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5″ Screen!

She had used regular audio baby monitors with her first two girls, but had really wanted a video monitor camera after using mine once. Because the baby was still safely in momma’s belly, and because her girls had recently started sharing a room, we decided to put the video monitor in her girls’ room.

Kari in particular had a hard time falling asleep at night. She would talk, move around the bed, yell down to my sister, play with her dolls, etc. Kelly went right to sleep, typically, and slept through all of the commotion, which in and of itself is comical.

We would hear Kari saying “Kelly, are you asleep? Kelly, do you want to talk to me? Kelly, look at this.” Getting no response from Kelly, Kari would just start talking to herself again. Often we would hear Kari get out of bed.

My sister would ask “Kari, are you in bed?” “Yes mommy!” was her response, as she was playing with her toys on the other side of the room (which we now knew, thanks to the baby video monitor visuals!).

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One day, while Janie was at work, James and I watched the kids at home. At rest time we decided to let the kids watch cartoons. My youngest niece was thrilled, and immediately chose “Wuzits” (sorry, can’t really remember the cartoon’s real name).

However, my sister had warned me about this cartoon, “If Anne hasn’t seen this, don’t let her. The girls wear little fairies dress like sluts and talk like teenagers. And yet, it’s marketed to young children, and they LOVE it. Just don’t even get her started on it.” I took this warning to heart, and so I immediately told Kari “No, we aren’t watching that cartoon today. Let’s pick another one.” Kari protested, but I held firm, and James agreed with me.

That night, Kari was yet again having a hard time falling asleep. My sister and I were sitting on the couch watching her in the video monitor. After quite some time, it appeared as if Kari was asleep (hanging off the end of the bed, feet on the pillow, arms spread wide).

Then, all of a sudden, after making no sound for at least five minutes, Kari lifted up her head and said groggily “Aunt Sidney was mean to me. She wouldn’t let me watch Wuzits. Tomorrow I’m going to tell her NOT to be mean to me anymore!” She passed out after that and never said another word.

My sister and I died laughing. Apparently Kari just needed to clear the air before she could get to sleep. We were so glad that we were able to witness that on video! My sister decided then that the video monitor cameras would stay in the girls’ room, and she would buy a second video baby monitor for the baby’s room


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