Baby’s First Words Spark Excitements

By Proud Daddy, (Chicago, USA) – Hearing my first son, James, spout out his first word was unlike anything I had ever felt before,… an incredible feeling we won’t forget. My wife and I…

Around mid-2011, me and my beautiful fiancé Sophie were lucky enough to be blessed with a healthy baby boy, James. Named after my personal idol, James Dean (the deal was that I would name our baby if we had a boy, she would name the baby if a girl).

I was lucky enough to actually capture James’ first word on camera. I was innocently filming our little guy as his mommy was trying to get him to speak… one of several dozen attempts!

Sophie (bless her) was trying her hardest to get James to spout his first word. James was only 8 months old at the time, but he managed to finally do it!

It seems there is this battle between parents to get their little baby to say ‘daddy’ first as opposed to ‘mommy’, however James did choose his mommy this time, because she was the one endlessly droning the word over and over to him!

I will never forget this moment, and because I really wanted to capture his first words on tape, I actually messed this up quite a bit, because when James finally said “mu-ma” back to his mother, I felt a surge of excitement wash over me that can only be experienced when you listen to your first child say his first word.

Sophie looked up at me with ecstatic happiness, and screamed “Did you hear that?!”

At this time, I accidentally dropped the camera clumsily on the floor. Unfortunately, the viewfinder on the camera came flying off of the device.

The best part?
Little James turned around to see what I had dropped, looked at the shattered camera on the floor and up at his dazed father… just then, tears of joy started rolling down my cheeks as he gave me this lovable cheeky smile.

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Fortunately the video footage survived although the camera didn’t.

Not long afterwards, I let my watchful guard down as I was unable to capture James’ first steps on video as I was patiently waiting for a new DV camcorder to arrive from eBay. Hearing James say his first word was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

Be sure to have a baby video monitoring camera and pay attention when your child is learning how to talk or walk because there are fewer times in life when something will make you more proud to be a parent.


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