Babysitter and the Toy Boy

By Sinthetic (Sheffield)

I have a young boy, he is really quiet and shy around people usually, he is very quiet and reserved, sometimes he doesn’t make a sound for days on end…

But on this occasion, I was really busy and had a big work project to complete for the next day, so I hired a young lady called Maggie to help babysit while I got round to it.

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My young boy Caden was up and at em’ from the second she walked in, he was like a teenager at the school dance, trying to impress her with his coo’s and gurgles, haha. That’s it son, like father like son!

So get this, I am upstairs working after the introductions were over, an hour later I came down for a little break and to see how things were getting on and my boy is on his little bike racing around the living room (picture included)…

I jokingly asked Maggie what her secret was, she said she had no idea… So I told her that it had to be Caden had his first crush! She was strangely not disturbed by that, she found it rather cute.

Some other very funny instances included: Caden following Maggie into the kitchen, crawling…. As she fixed herself some lunch.

(He was the one doing the crawling, not her ;))

Maggie and Caden dancing to some noisy kids shows on TV, it was loud enough to disturb me upstairs!

The best one was where Caden got a hold of the Mobile phone that Maggie was using and started poking and prodding the buttons. She showed me the text message he had ended up writing and it looked like when my cat jumps and danced around on my Laptop keyboard.

My young man has a bright future of clowning around ahead of him, that’s for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

This was one incident that really turned my views around on babysitters, we went on to keep her as our regular babysitter for a number of times after that, Caden has mellowed out around Maggie now, they are great friends.

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If you are worried after hearing some of those disaster stories of babysitting gone wrong, do remember that there are occasions where they turn out better than you could imagine.

I hope you enjoyed my story, please enjoy the attached picture of the heart breaker, otherwise known as Caden, on his badass bike, what a man!


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