Babysitters Turned Out Evil

By Sreeshma Radhakrishnan, (Thrissur,Kerala,India)

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I believe,to have a baby is the ultimate desire of any female. I remember the pain and pride I had of carrying my baby in my womb for more than nine months and delivering her safely.

My baby and my hubby were the ones I was living for. Since we got married at a very young age, it was important that we both worked to make our living. From the day my baby turned two, I rejoined my profession leaving my baby to her grandma even though my baby doesn’t easily get comfortable with anyone.

I was worried from the very first day if she would suffer from lack of attention from both of us. I had days of taking long leaves for more than even a month when my baby fell sick. Life was getting miserable and I was getting really depressed.

It was my friend in office who suggested that if her grandma was unhealthy and incapable of taking care of her, I should be leaving her with the babysitter. She said her sister would babysit for my daughter and that she was an expert in taking care of babies for almost three years.

I met this lady with my husband and I was shocked to see my baby jump to her with just a stretch of her hands. I was pleased by the way she asked me about my girl’s tastes and habits.

For a moment I thought that my baby would get more attached to her. Feeling kind of satisfied I told my hubby that I’m convinced and pleased with this lady.

I had the best few days of my life, where I felt all three of us were comfortable and happy at the same time.

One day as I called home from office, I found nobody picking up the telephone. I was in panic and kept on trying. I called my hubby and told him the same.

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He wasn’t so shocked and told me probably the babysitter was busy with our kid and his mom could be sleeping, You know how old people and kids sleep for longer hours.

I wasn’t happy with his response, so I drove home from office immediately after organizing my works. I rang the door bell and was terrified to see the bell unanswered!

I used my spare key to open the door and found the entire house messed up. I ran to my room and was relieved to see my baby sit peacefully with her toys. I peeped into all the rooms and found no one.

I went upstairs and found mom lying flat on the floor and the expert babysitter of three years lie with the upper half of her body on the floor and the lower part on the sofa!!

 I was stunned and angry at the same time to see an entire crate of beer bottles emptied!!

I called my husband home and asked him to talk or even scream at this lady for being so irresponsible. More than finding my baby uncared for, I had this hatred towards this lady for offering drink to my already sick mom-in-law!

That was the first experience of my baby at two at babysitting. I regret taking a second chance in this, two weeks after this incident.

This time it was from the local newspaper ad, which said the babysitter spends entire time with the kid and you no longer need to worry about leaving cooked food for the baby as the lady was an expert cook too.

Even though I was not much happy with the ad or the lady, I had to agree with my husband as I had to get back to work.

As she started on her days,I wasn’t that happy because I expected the same to go on with this lady too. But then gradually I noticed my baby feeling comfortable with her food and I started feeling fine with her style as well.

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I had once arrived home late and sensed something not quite right. You know how women sense problems much earlier than men do 😛 .

I kept my pace faster and ran to my baby and mom. They hugged tight on bed and looked really adorable ♥♥♥.

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I sneaked into the other rooms to find the babysitter. This time the incident was even worse. I, for a minute,could not speak a word noticing my safe wide opened!!

I pulled out the entire stuff and with my heart stabbed, I realized my house was robbed easily by a woman just by using a simple hammer! I called up my hubby and informed the police about the robbery and it took long, really long, to retrieve lost valuables.

From then we decided not to have a babysitter at any cost!

I talked to my hubby and mom about the baby monitoring camera system after searching a lot for the best system in market.

The video baby camera is smarter than the average babysitter! The baby monitor camera is outfitted with an advanced monitoring camera that lets you watch your child on your own TV, without running wires throughout your home. AC adapters are included.

This would tell me exactly what my baby was doing, how, when and where! And this made me a happy wife, happy professional, and finally the happiest mom! 🙂


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.