Reviews of Best Home Alarm System Companies Today

Recently, one of my avid readers sent me an email. He asked me to discuss and possibly provide a list of security companies providing the best home alarm system services in the country.

That was a big challenge because it involves hours of online research, phone calls, product testing, conducting consumer reviews and what-have-you. Being a researcher, I wasn’t going to back out.

So, guess what? I took on the challenge and this article is the results of my extensive survey. You will discover packages, services and offers of several home security alarm monitoring companies, brief profile of companies offering quality alarm monitoring services, the products they offer.

You will also read interesting reviews, consumer opinions and real life stories of various users. Some of our reviewers have even included pictures of their homes, pets and even their alarm systems in their comments. So buckle your seat belts because the road is about to get really interesting.

home with excellent interior should be protected

From my experience, burglary is a very scary thing, only those who have ever been involved, waylaid, attacked, robbed at gun point, lost properties to theft, or have been victimized in any way and lived through it can tell the feeling. You are not only subjected to horrendous experience, your innocent families could also be traumatized beyond words.

That is why most homes and families rely on professional home alarm security system monitoring companies to provide the much needed surveillance and protection. Below are the 2012 best home alarm system companies and security providers, their pros, cons and common consumer misconceptions.

ADT Security Systems Lead Others Follow?

ADT Security ServicesSince 2010, there has been lots of merging and acquisition going in in the electronic security industry. First, ADT Security mother corporation, Tyco International silenced Broadview through a major acquisition.
Then, barely one year later, as a lioness crushes her prey for her little cubs, Tyco wrapped Brinks security systems and changed its name and all assets to ADT. Impressive isn’t it? That is exactly what happens when money speaks.

ADT has now successfully established its authority in the electronics home security industry as possibly the best home alarm system. Choosing the best home alarm system is pretty easy because figuratively speaking, there are only two alarm monitoring companies now – ADT security alarm systems and others.
So, you see, the game of who gets your money, and alarm monitoring contract is now between ADT and a few other smaller companies. Our readers have narrated there success and ordeal with ADT / Brinks / Broadview. You don’t want to miss it…»

Protection One Security Services

Protection One SecurityProtection One provides security system packages for the home and for small businesses as well as for multi-sited commercial companies and families with more than one home. Protection one home security systems offer a free security evaluation for your home to help you get started, with prices starting of the available packages starting at just $24.00 per month.

Protection One provides the much needed confidence that can be enjoyed day in and day out. Many packages are available to help each and every individual experience this, no matter what their needs may be.

Protection One security products and services include home and business burglar alarms, Fire/smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, remote video surveillance, panic or hold-up button monitoring, 24-hour dedicated monitoring, web and text-enabled system access, control and notifications access control with online reporting and customization security solutions.

Protection One prides themselves on the high quality of their customer service, claiming that their locally situated staff are not only readily available but also well positioned for personal contact. However, customers employing their services for individual properties have had repeated trouble with the company, in particular when trying to cancel their contract.

Monitronics Alarms – Fast Becoming Household Name

Monitronics alarmsMonitronics International is one of the three largest security alarm monitoring companies providing burglar and fire alarm monitoring services in the United States. More than 700,000 homes and commercial enterprises are currently protected by Monitronics International. Products and services offer by Monitronics Security International include customizable home and business security systems including fire and life safety services.

The alarm monitoring company also provide health monitoring, intrusion detection and control services for government as well as small and medium businesses. Monitronics offers telephone land line alarm monitoring as well as cellular phone alarm monitoring.

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However, in the last few years, customers complaints about have been increasing on the home alarm systems. From poor services, contract negotiation to persistent price hikes. So, is Monitronics alarms still good enough to protect your home? Complete review of Monitronics burglar alarm security systems »

APX Alarm: Now Vivint Home Security & Automation

What’s in a name? Do you say? Well, we may have to ask APX Alarm or should we rather say Vivint Alarm security systems and home automation. According to APX, the name change would reflect the intention of APX alarm to bring home automation to the mainstream, along with home security services. It seems APX Alarm will also be more than happy to change their name to avoid constant confusion with APEX alarm which is one of the largest sub-dealers of ADT national security system.

Vivint APX Alarm security is known for its cost effective products for residents. They have a wide variety of systems, many of which are perfect for those with a tight budget to shop on. Your best home alarm system package should allow you start with a basic package, and then add on once there is room for expansion your budget. To prevent getting stuck in runty alarm monitoring services, read Vivint APX alarm reviews and most common customers’ complaints »

Pinnacle Home Security Alarm Systems

Pinnacle SecurityPinnacle security alarm system can comfortable earn its place among the 2012 best home alarm system companies because of their excellent product and innovative service offerings. Pinnacle is a carrier of GE security product. Pinnacle security has earned the prestigious GE Liberty Award every year for the past three years for leading customer service and technical support.

Pinnacle values customer service, and you won’t have to pay for any service call fees (a-hem VivintNow!) We have provided a comprehensive appraisal and user reviews of Pinnacle Security alarm systems »

Protect America Wireless Home Security Systems

Protect AmericaNo kidding! Protect America home security is currently on of the fastest growing security companies providing innovative home alarm monitoring system across the United States. Touting being ranked in the top 10 best home alarm system companies in the past 3 years, Protect America can only be expected to grow further in leaps and bounds.

Interestingly, Protect America is one authorized installer of General Electric GE security systems. They have also successfully installed almost half a million GE Simon XT Alarm Systems and Simon XT Touch Screen nationwide. However, users’ satisfaction is another matter. Find out more in our full Protect America reviews »

LifeShield Security – Invention Par Excellence

Once in a while someone comes up with an idea that changes the rules of the industry. LifeShield Security has done just that. Their system was designed by an inventor who wanted a wireless security system that could not be bypassed or hacked, and allowed anyone to install it themselves and add components at any time. After a lot of effort, and a few patents, the LifeShield system was created.

LifeShield offers a wireless home alarm system that is different from every other system, even if it looks similar. LifeShield has multiple communication methods; including phone line, high speed internet, and even cellular. It also has long-lasting battery backup so it works even during a blackout. The entire system can be installed by anyone, although professional installation is also available.

LifeShield is committed to protecting people and pets. If you have to move, your LifeShield system can go with you, even if you move to an apartment. Fire safety isn’t optional, it’s necessary, therefore every system comes with a fire safety sensor and 24/7 fire monitoring at no extra cost.

You can even arm and disarm the system, check your home using free apps or the secure website from anywhere in the world. LifeShield offers protection that is hard to match.

Guardian Protection Services

Guardian Protection Services are one of the most comprehensive house alarm monitoring system from a reliable company you can find around. Guardian security services have five different security packages, all of which will pretty much keep you as covered as can be in the long run.

You can get either the Basic Package, the Essential, the Plus, the Premium, and the package that provides you and your abode with about as much coverage as a single home or business could possibly need, the emPower Package.

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You can get upgrades at anytime, purchase some ingenious new technologies like a color touch screen home control system, pan-and-tilt wireless cameras that will not only secure and scare off any potential predators, but impress any burglar who has the audacity to even try stepping foot in to your home. Read full review of Guardian Protection and Security Services »

Frontpoint Security Alarms – Fast & Furiously Growing

Have you ever heard the phrase “the first shall be the last?” How about “the last shall be the first?” If you haven’t heard, FrontPoint is one of the recent entrants into the home security alarm monitoring industry, but, seriously, this home alarm company is currently rocking.

Security services provided by Frontpoint security include burglar and intrusion, fire monitoring, environmental monitoring, life safety, wireless security video, remote alarm system access, redundancy safeguards, instant security alerts, crash and smash feature, home automation – locks & climate, home automation – light control. FrontPoint Security Alarm systems features a cutting-edge range of alarm security products from the big brother – GE Security.

We have found that many dissatisfied customers of bigger companies like ADT have been switching to FrontPoint in droves. Read the full FrontPoint Security user satisfaction reviews, comments and ratings and see why it’s among our best home alarm system companies.

Best 3 Home Burglar Alarm Security Systems Manufacturers »

CPI Home Security Alarm Systems

CPI Security alarm monitoring service is potentially one of the most cost-effective alarm systems monitoring solution. The company is innovative, proactive and very responsive to requests of their customers. CPI security alarm systems monitoring offers features-rich packages not limited to smart phone notifications, online remote arming and disarming. Their main claim to fame is the fastest alarm response times in the industry.

This is a great feature because in a crisis, you will need help as soon as possible, and CPI will be there to assist. But hey, don’t just take these few words for it. Read CPI security alarm reviews and what users say about signing and cancelling their alarm monitoring contracts »

Vector Home Security – Innovation, Comfort & Safety

– Electronic Security Company With Rich History

Vector Security is one of the most dynamic, fast growing providers of comprehensive burglar alarm systems for the home and commercial premises. They offer protection from burglary and break-ins with the help of their state of the art security systems.

Vector security systems also provide inclusive package that incorporates video surveillance, home theater entertainment into your home alarm security service. These amazing features which I once described as futuristic is already being shipped by Vector security. Read detail reviews of vector alarm security system, their benefits and shortcomings according to what consumers reported.

Alarm Security Systems Reviews: Share Your Story

Here you can submit your opinions and comments about alarm companies you have done business with. We encourage you to submit a review, whether your experience was good or bad! If your alarm security company is excellent, give them a thumb up for great service by talking about them and recomending them to others.

If you’ve had a terrible experience with your home security alarm monitoring company, share your story with us. Visitors who read your review will thank you for warning them, helping them and saving their time and money!

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It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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