Burglar Alarm Monitoring Problems

The problem with burglar alarm monitoring companies is that their response times are usually around an hour for intrusion alarms, sometimes longer…

This means that the police will not be catching the criminals breaking into your home. That is why your home burglar alarm system should be designed to maximally drive the criminal out of your house when it goes off.

This should include the loudest siren allowed in your community, and if you really want them out, include flashing strobe lights inside and outside your house.

See how a house without security alarm monitoring systems got robbed [Video]

You should also take into account that your local police may charge you a fee if they respond to a house alarm false alarm.

If you consider the fact that they are very unlikely to respond in time to catch anyone intruding into your home, then you are better off to have the alarm company call your cell phone and tell you of the alarm.

You can then head home and phone the police if there is a problem.

You can hope that the siren and lights will drive the offender out and prevent further theft or damage.

burglar-alarm-monitoringIf you arrive home and find that your house has been broken into after an alarm. Do not go inside.

Call the police and let them search the house first for both the culprit, and for evidence.

Remember that a home burglar alarm monitoring plan isn’t all there is to effective home security.

Effective burglary prevention plan would include things like outdoor security lighting, trimming back bushes, and proper locks on windows and doors, strobe lights etc.

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These strobes will make it almost impossible for them to find any valuables, and will draw the attention of passersby much more quickly.

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An effective way to protect your home is to light it up!

Of course, we do not mean to set your house on fire but maintain a well-lit exterior/outdoor and ensure that your yard is also well cultivated, providing no hiding place for burglars.

Imagine the peace and serenity that follows…

You can combine a motion-activated security camera with outdoor and indoor motion-sensor camera and a DVR security system to self-monitor your home. This is an effective DIY home surveillance idea.

I suggest wired home burglar alarm systems, it is equally cheap, and less susceptible to false alarms due to radio signals etc.

Wireless home alarm systems are better if you are installing it in a house where it would be very expensive to install the necessary wiring.

It is very important that you strongly consider these home security reviews to ensure that you do not join hundreds of complaints on several home alarm monitoring companies flying around on the internet.


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