Your camera for deep sea scuba diving is your gateway to the underworld

Ever gone on a deep-sea scuba diving experience?

If you have ever seen the footage or photographs of deep-sea life, you would agree to one thing – there is nothing as beautiful and colorful anywhere else in this world. To swim through the silent and breathtaking world of marine animals is indeed a life alerting experience.

Yes, deep-sea scuba diving is one of the deepest and abiding passions of many a swimming enthusiasts in the world. Well, to watch those close quarters is one thing; to record them on camera and keep it for the rest of the world to see is an equally rewarding experience.

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When you watch this beautiful poetry in motion, it seems so easy to do it. You go underwater in the diving gear, you take your camera for deep-sea scuba diving with you; you shoot them. Seems so easy, right?


Unfortunately, No!

The underwater world is hardly kind to man’s craze for electronics. So, here let’s see some of the uses of camera for the deep-sea scuba diver and more importantly, how does he uses it.

What type of cameras to use?

Well, there is no doubt about one thing; it has to be water-resistant security system. Anything that’s done underwater would need protection against the damaging effect of water.

The market does offer special cameras for diving with housings for weatherproof protection. But, if you are not careful, you could get dumped with cheaper and low quality versions which would not give you the desired effect.

Unlike the animal world, the underwater blues is constantly at motion. The fish hardly stay still for even a moment. The footage would be more than worthy of the trouble.

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Advice from Scuba Diving Experts

Deep sea divers who are experts in photography – both still and video – give one very valuable advice: When you shoot videos or take photographs, make sure that you angle the camera from an upward angle close to your subject as this position assures the most spectacular photographs.

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So if you want to enjoy your diving experience, do not get yourself fooled into buying cheap camera.


You don’t want to be too adventurous

Experienced scuba divers tell the story of the divers whose greatest dream was to capture the beautiful underwater world in camera, show it to the world and win accolades for his skill.

He bought the best cameras available for his photo shoot.

Well, the diving and the shooting were going on fine. That is, till the sight around him so excited him that the he decided that the housing was a hindrance to the quality of the pictures and decided to remove it.

After all, he had bought a waterproof camera. Well, waterproofing or not, the camera equipment absorbed the water and all his efforts got wasted.

And yet another tip, attach the camera to your wrist using a lanyard as this would ensure that your camera does not float away as it would normally happen underwater  to things that are unsecured. Once the camera is secured to your body, even if you accidentally drop it, it would remain secure.

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There is nothing like spending those memorable moments totally caught in poetic rapture, lost in the beauty of the blue world. And make it even more memorable with photographs and videos of the fascinating world of the deep.


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