Are You a Horse Surfer? Here’s Your Ideal Camera for Horse Surfing

Horse Surfing unlike water surfing which I talked about in one of my earlier posts is all about speed, that is why horses are used in the first place, the surfer hangs on to a rope attached to the running horse whilst riding on a board. The ideal camera must be able to catch clear images when the surfer is in action.

The extreme sports and action camera is a classic example of a horse surfing camera, that it is easily wearable and records in impressive high-definition, images from speeding subjects endear them to many surfers.

With the right camera, the techniques and skill of surfers are properly highlighted. All those twists and turns that make surfers glide on waves can then be truly appreciated.

Since horse surfing is particularly a display of skills; your cameras must be built extra tough to withstand heavy bashing of water whilst it is recording. The video below will give you a great idea of this blood-pump, super-exciting water sport.

Some of the most mind-blowing images of waves were taken by surfers or during surfing. Freezing reality adds so much to moments besides the convenience of being able to revisit them anytime, images of surfers made small by giant waves that swirl high in the air or surfers in impressive displays make surfing even more special.

Knowing you can check all those amazing sights at the end of the day is enough motivation to push a surfer into successfully riding the biggest waves and pulling the most difficult stunts.

Today, many surfing cameras like the GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition Wi-Fi Enabled Video Camera come with streaming abilities that allows surfers stream videos and images live from their device to an audience. Therefore, you can bring family, friends and everyone else to the beach, the surf board and on the back of the waves any/every time.

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Share Your Horse Surfing Experience

So you love horse surfing? Please share your horse water surfing experience with us. Tell us about your surfing camera, why you love surfing. Feel free to use the comment box below to share your thoughts about this post.



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