Are You Bold Enough To Use Video Camera on Roller Coaster?

Well, if you have any desire to scream your lungs out, get twisted, turned, churned and generally man-handed, then a roller coaster ride may be what you really need. Mind you, though the ride itself may turn terrifying after the first few twists and turns, it is a ride worth experiencing.

Roller coaster ride spells different experience to different people. While to some it may be the equivalent of the death chamber after being subjected to the most horrifying fear, to others it’s the greatest thrill.

The fun in the ride gets augmented if you could watch the play of expressions on your face during the ride. Embarrassment apart; that would be the greatest thrill of all.

Surveillance Video Cameras in Roller Coasters

Almost all roller coaster rides around the world have security and surveillance cameras attached to the rides to record various events during the ride. An on-ride security camera system is attached to the side of the track of the roller coaster.

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These cameras would automatically snap photographs of the riders during the various stages of the ride and especially so when the impact of the ride would be at its maximum and you probably having your roller coaster orgasm.

These commercial security cameras are normally fitted at those strategic places where the ride is very intense and the pace is, to say the least, fastest. The expressions of course, distorted, contoured and weird because of the wind resistance.

The surveillance cameras which the park management has strategically positioned would capture fear on the face of the riders these pictures are later made available through the web sites or for sale as souvenirs.

In addition to still photography, the organizers of the ride also use the best video security system to watch the ride constantly to avoid roller coaster accidents and to act as irrefutable testimony in case of calamities.

Since these rides involve too many people during a single ride and is done at death-defying speeds, the chances of accidents cannot be laughed away. Hence, most of the rides use high-end wired video surveillance systems to make sure safety and detection of errors along the frame of the rides.

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Using Your Video Camera on Roller Coaster

Remember the movie Final Destination 3? Anyone who has watched that movie would never dare to take a video camera along when going on a roller coaster. Film enthusiasts would hardly ever forget the tragedy towards the end of the movie when a roller coaster ride goes awry.

One of the characters takes a digital video camcorder with him that falls from his hands during the course of the ride and gets entangled in the roller coaster frame. The coaster strikes against the video camera, it derails and leads to the breaking of one of the frames that had already been ready to snap.

It all got complicated because the hydraulics of the roller coaster was also leaking. The result is one of the most memorable and gut churning roller coaster accidents I have ever seen in movies.

Well, most of the roller coaster rides warn against taking digital cameras and other hidden camera equipment while riding on a roller coaster. It can endanger numerous life; but who listens? YouTube has the footage of a ride taken by father with his son and daughter at a dangerous roller coaster.

The footage also shows him being warned off when he attempts to board the ride with the camera. But he manages to sneak it in during the second attempt. Imagine the disaster that would have stuck if his camera had been thrown out of his hands during the ride?

One man’s crazy foolishness would have claimed many other innocent lives. Some rides even put a temporary stop to the cruise when a hidden camera is spotted with one of the riders. Steal a Piece of Forever With Waterproof Camera for Surfing »


How to Use Your Video Camera on Roller Coaster

If you insist on carry and holding video cameras on roller coaster, then note that at most theme parks, you could get kicked out of the park and not be able to go back for 5 to 6 years if you are caught using your video camera while on roller coaster rides. If you still want to try it though, then note these 5 points below:

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1.)     Don’t do it unless cameras are allowed on the ride. On a ride wild enough to not allow cameras, that rule is a very important safety precaution.

2.)     Be sure to ride in the very front or very back. You may not want to try it twice so make sure you use excellent, highly rugged video camera that can record high-speed events.

3.)    Ride it once without holding your camera, but hold your hands in front of you as if you were holding your camera. This is a dry run so you know if you’ll be strong enough to hold the camera on that particular ride. Some rides have G forces and sudden movements and you don’t want to rely on a cheap wrist-strap to keep your camera from turning into a deadly projectile.

4.)    Hold the camera very tight with both hands. Make sure you aren’t pushing against any of the buttons, especially the power button.

5.)    Your hands need to be free to hold the grab handles and you don’t want to drop camera on roller coaster, hit anyone or re-enact Final Destination 3B.

The philosophy is simple – you can never be too careful when on a roller coaster ride. Roller coasters can be fun. There is nothing like the rush of air against you and the fear that threatens to empty your stomach. But, unless you adhere to safety precautions, it can turn into the worst nightmare.

The theme park roller coaster management may take the maximum safety precautions; but, what about us? Do we have the right to endanger so many lives for a few minutes of thrill?

Enjoy, but not at the cost of your lives. Are You a Horse Surfer? Here’s Your Ideal Camera for Horse Surfing »


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