Category: Caught On Camera

Crazy sh!t happens everyday. Hoodlums, scumbags, thieves and vandals are always on the prowl to destroy your stuffs, steal your sh!ts, vandalize your car tires or shop and even use crowbar to break into your home, store to rob you.

In this category, I’d be writing about the craziest break-in of the day (or of the week, depending on how often I get the news). I’ll be sprinkling in live pictures, videos and other helpful hints. You may even be able to ID someone who’s stolen from you or help report someone to the police.

How Much is that Puppy in Your Pants?

People steal puppies everyday. We only hear of a few. But watch a man steal a cute puppy from Charles Glatz’s shop and amuse yourself with his style. The robber has got style. You’ve got to give him that. He...

Caught on Camera in the Gym

Almost every gym you go these days, you’ll see a surveillance camera in the gym hanging up somewhere. These are some of the hilarious GIF coming out from the gym. This Guy Just Cracks Me Up Anytime     What’s...

Home Video Surveillance Cameras Capture Heavily Armed Burglars

Three men, masked and armed to the teeth with powerful assault weapons forced their ways into his home, kicked and burst the door open early in the morning. They turned his house upside down searching for anything they could steal. But unknown to the hoodlums there are home video surveillance cameras all around the house.

Gawd! I Can’t Believe I’m Watching My Home Gets Robbed

This woman watching her home gets robbed used the Logitech Motion Alert Video Security systems. Caller: The cat freaked out, the dogs are hiding, Oh God, I can’t believe it …. They’ve robbed me before that’s why I have the video security camera… Oh thank God they got there..

Caught On Hidden Camera: Ghosts, Burglars, Cheaters

Believe it a not, cheating has strong effects on relationships. Especially when it involves husband, wife, friends and trusted partners. Many people across the world are having difficulties dealing with the humps possibly after getting caught cheating on hidden cameras....