Should CCTV security cameras be hidden or visible?

CCTV security cameras are everywhere. In most European countries, you can barely walk few meters without observing those surveillance cameras peering secretly at you. Question is, should CCTV cameras be installed as hidden or should they be visible to all?

Installing CCTV cameras is a great way to make sure the security of your home, but many people feel frustrated when trying to decide where the cameras should be placed.

There is much debate as to whether it is more effective to have your security cameras visible outside of your home, or whether you should keep them hidden.

Security companies will often have differing opinions on this topic. We’ve outlined some important tips below that will hopefully help you to decide which option is best for your needs, looking at the issue from both sides of the spectrum.

Should CCTV security cameras be visible to all?

It may seem odd to have your cameras visible, as any burglars who are considering entering your home will be able to see the location of the cameras.

But for many people, this is a positive rather than negative, as this can often deter potential criminals from attempting to break into your home in the first place. Many criminals will scout out houses that seem vulnerable before attempting to break into them, so if your house has visible cameras, criminals will think twice before considering a break in.

Also, having CCTV security cameras outside your home could suggest to criminals that you take your security seriously, and that you may well have taken other precautions such as having an alarm system installed.

or should they be installed as hidden security systems?

Although there are certainly benefits to having a visible CCTV security cameras in place, hidden systems are still popular and many homeowners feel better knowing that they will be able to catch criminals in the act without them knowing.

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Although many criminals will not enter a house that has a visible camera system in place, there are many criminals that would not be deterred by this as it shows them areas of the house to avoid.

Hidden cameras can be perfect for homeowners who want as much camera footage to use as evidence as possible, as criminals will not notice the system and will carry on completely oblivious.


How about installing both hidden and visible cameras

The best solution is to have a mix of hidden and visible cameras, as this will not only help to scare potential criminals away, it will also catch any criminals who are brave or dumb enough to attempt breaking into your home.

The placement of the cameras is crucial for this plan to be successful, as it will ensure that your system is effective. However, one major downside to this tactic is that it could be very costly.

Camera systems are far from cheap, and having to install cameras outside and inside your home will end up costing you a small fortune. However, if you buy all the security equipment from one company you may find that they will offer you some sort of discount.

Insider tips

Another idea that you can blend into your home CCTV security systems is to use cameras that have built-in floodlights, which have sensors that are activated by movement.

This will mean that any time a criminal is outside your home and steps in the way of the sensor, he will be lit up by the floodlight and exposed for the cameras to see him clearly.

This is an effective technique that can not only help to identify criminals on camera, but can also scare them away once they have been exposed.

So there are some useful tips for you to consider when deciding on what type of camera security system to include in your home. There are several options to consider, but having a mix of visible and hidden cameras is probably the most effective tactic to deter criminals from your home.

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Sam works for Cobra Security in Glasgow. 

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