Chaos With Pinnacle Security System

By Dina Smith, (Gainsville, FL, USA), Pinnacle Home Security Alarm Systems

We built our house nearly six years ago and signed up for Pinnacle security alarm systems. Well, it never occurred to us that we would ever really use or need this protection.

My husband picked out the Pinnacle burglar alarm system and decided what the password would be but I could never remember it! Anyway, the control pad is located next to our inside garage door directly across from the master bedroom.

John was retired and would stay up late every night while I was still working full-time and went to bed earlier. Also, John slept in the front guest bedroom because of our different sleep schedules.

So, he would turn the home burglar alarm systems on every single night and I would turn it off first thing in the morning when I got up for work. This was a pattern that we did for years without fail.

However, this one morning I must have been in a very deep sleep or kind of sleep walking because when the clock alarm went off, I practically fell out of bed trying to get to it (I keep it across the room on the dresser to make I do get out of bed).


The room was very dark and actually felt like I was drunk (believe me that would have been a good excuse but it really wasn’t the reason for what followed).

I actually scared the hell out of my cat because of my erratic behavior. I staggered out of the bedroom, hit a button on the keypad, then another button and another. I had no idea what I was doing. Immediately the security alarm went off! Scared the crap out of me! I was definitely awake now!

Didn’t take me long to realize that I really screwed up! John came running from the front of the house asking what happened? Okay, he was yelling and waving his arms like an idiot!

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Within seconds, the telephone started ringing and he picked it up. It was Pinnacle Security services asking if everything was okay and he told them it was.

 In the middle of all this chaos, what do you think my reaction was? All I could do was just stand there laughing hysterically doubled over, almost peeing myself!

My poor cat was hiding under the bed with her bushy tail hanging out, poor thing! Then I realized that there was the sound of a siren outside, then another siren and another after that, and the security alarm was still blaring on the inside of the house!

I wanted to crawl under the bed with my cat! John finally password to Pinnacle security systems and the security alarm inside the house went off. However, it was too late to stop what was going on outside!

Turns out I had pressed every one of the buttons for emergency so not only was a fire truck sent to the house, but so was an ambulance and several police cars!

I was still in my pajamas and dying of embarrassment!

John answered the front door and went outside to meet all the wonderful people who decided to check in on us! He said it took a lot of convincing but they finally realized it was a false alarm. And to top it all off, several of my neighbors were outside out of “concern”! Right! Nosy would be a better word!

Meanwhile, I was hiding in the master bedroom like a coward and I couldn’t stop laughing! All I could think of was that there was no way any of these first alarmers were going to see me in my ratty pajamas without a bra since that might cause some medical shock on their part!

So, not only was this an ALARMING way to wake up in the morning, but I can verify firsthand that Pinnacle home security system is worth every penny we pay them!

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… AND the emergency departments in my town are incredible FAST! You can believe that I have never made that mistake again, sleepwalking or not! I still don’t remember the password but that’s what I have John for, right?


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