Top Cheap Wireless Spy Cameras For Home & Outdoor Surveillance

N Nowadays, small spy security cameras have made spy and surveillance super easy. There are so many cheap wireless spy cameras that can be used to detect unfair acts against you. It’s no rocket science to get videos from spy cameras.

In fact, it is so easy and convenient to record quality spy videos simply by buying and using proper cameras for whatever you want to do. You also do not need permission to use these tiny spy devices because they are so subtle and undetectable.

Listed below are my top recommended wired and wireless low-cost spy cameras capable of recording excellent spy camera videos.

1.)      Recommended Tiny Spy Cameras For Homes:

Smoke detector spy camera, nanny spy camera, tissues-paper box spy camera, tape recorder with spy camera, hidden camera clock, peephole door viewer camera, vanity mirror with hidden camera, flower-pot spy camera. Click to search for more hidden spy cameras for home »
153-HC-BMBOX-DVR Boom-Box-Hidden-Camera

Fully Functional Boom Box Camera

Records Covert Surveillance Video. Record up to 144 hours of covert video surveillance with this functioning boom box.

No one will ever be able to tell this alarm clock conceals a hidden color camera and mini DVR with an SD card to record what the camera sees. The alarm clock’s power cord powers the alarm clock, DVR and the camera.  Covert, Motion Activated and Remote Controlled.

WiFi Tissue Box Hidden Camera

Customizable Covert Camera Looks Like a Tissue Box and Enables Remote Monitoring. Use this Tissue Box Hidden Camera to remotely monitor your home or office when you’re not around.

Fits Any Room Decor and Blends Right In While It Records Covert Video. Looks like a standard tissue box and can even record in low-light conditions.

WiFi Capable, Full Color, Low-Light Camera and 10-Hour Rechargeable Battery.

Smoke Detector Camera Transmits Covert Video Over Your WiFi Network

Record hidden video to your PC using your WiFi network and view it from any computer over the web. Looks Like a smoke detector, but actually records covert video secretly.

This smoke detector hidden camera transmits high-resolution video via your WiFi network. tore video to your PC and broadcast over the internet so you can watch your home or office in real-time, any time. WiFi Connectivity; Transmit Video Without Wires, Completely Covert Smoke Detector Design. Accessible from Any PC with an Internet Connection.



2.4GHz Wireless Wall Clock Camera

Hidden Camera Wall Clock Looks Ordinary, But Is Actually Streaming High-Quality Video. Monitor your home or office, covertly streaming surveillance footage right from this wall clock hidden camera. Available in full color and black and white options.

What appears to be a standard wall clock has a high-quality black and white or color camera. Nearly invisible, this camera can capture images in even the lowest of lighting conditions. Completely Covert – Nearly Impossible to Find the Camera, Streams 400-Line Resolution Video, Ultra Low-Light Recording.


2.)      Recommended Cheap Spy Cameras For Outdoors:

Motion activated spy camera, mini spy camera DVR, night-vision spy camera, outdoor rock with embedded spy camera, waterproof spy watch camera, cigarette pack spy camera, motion activated outdoor spy camera. Click to search for more outdoor secret video cameras »


Sport Glasses With Hidden Camera

Perfect video camera sunglasses for all your sports outdoor activities. Record hands free full motion video and audio with integrated high-resolution camera. Easily capture &convert all the exiting moments in life to great videos. Sports Video sunglasses are perfect for outdoor activities.

Active wear video sunglasses, Full motion video, stereo audio, Real time high-resolution video with stereo sound, Built-in 2GB memory for up to 5 hours of video, Lithium Polymer battery External memory slot for MicroSD card.
Wear it, record it and play it back on a Smart phone* or PC, easily upload videos to YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, Google Videos, VOX, OVI by Nokia and all popular video websites.


RockCam Outdoor Hidden Camera

Covert Camera Looks Like a Rock and Records Like a Professional Surveillance System. The high-resolution Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Rock looks just like a rock, but features a high-resolution camera and a DVR. What makes this surveillance system unique is that it’s completely covert and that the camera’s DVR lasts an astounding 1 year on a single charge.

Monitor your property with this inconspicuous rock hidden camera with a full year of standby battery power. 1 Year of Battery Life on a Single Charge. Motion-Activated Recording. Records to Built-In DVR’s Removable SD Card for Easy Viewing and Transfer.


Electric Box With Hidden Cam & DVR

Covert Electrical Box Hidden Camera Monitors Your Home or Business. Motion-activated high-res electrical box hidden camera lasts up to a year on a single charge. Professional-Grade Surveillance Camera System Hidden Within a Standard Electrical Box

The Electrical Box Hidden Camera DVR looks just like a standard electrical box that appears outside almost every building, but features a high-resolution camera and a DVR.

1 Year of Battery Life on a Single Charge, Motion-Activated High Resolution Recording, Completely Covert: No Visible Wires or Bright Lights.



3.)      Recommendations For Very Smart Secret Recording:

Tiny bathroom spy camera, miniature spy camera, spy pinhole cameras, spy listening devices, snake-shape bendable tiny spy camera, iPhone or smartphone dock with hidden camera, microscopic tiny spy cams. Search for more very discreet hidden spy cameras for home »


Stylish Waterproof Spy Camera Watch

Motion-Activated, Full-Color Watch Camera Brings Style and Stealth to Your Wrist. Get professional-grade covert recording with this bodyworn spy cam. Capture photos, video and audio. This Waterproof Spy Watch DVR looks and functions like a normal wristwatch, but it actually records 640 x 480 resolution video from a hidden lens.

This watch cam is waterproof and features a tiny lens which captures video or snaps pictures with the touch of a button. Get high-resolution, professional-grade evidence no matter what situation you’re in. To view your footage, simply plug the included USB cable into the watch’s covert USB port and review everything on a computer quickly and easily. 4 GB of Internal Memory, Connects Easily Via USB, 2 Hours of Continuous Recording.


 iPod Docking Station With Hidden Camera & DVR

Play Music and Charge Your iPhone or iPod while Simultaneously Capturing High-Resolution Video. This fully functioning iPod dock charges all of your Apple devices, plays music, and records high-resolution video.

Experience the finest in covert video surveillance with the iPod Dock Hidden Camera. It’s a fully functional iPod/iPhone player and charger paired with a high-quality hidden camera and built-in video recorder that fits in any room. You’ll get crystal clear video.


4.)      Recommendations For Pro Covert Operation & Recording:

Spy camera pen, spy camera watch, spy voice recorder, cell phone spy camera, wired color thermostat camera, baseball and headset with spy cams, handbook with hidden tiny camera, cigarette pack spy camera. Search for more smart hidden cameras for secret recording »


5.)      James Bond Style Smart Tiny Covert Spy Camera:

Remember that very sleek and sexy guy with assorted set of specially designed spy and surveillance tools?  Yes! James Bond. He doesn’t have monopoly on those types of spy tools anymore. You too can use button-hole spy camera, shirt-tie spy camera, ash-tray and in-car covert camera, lipstick-size hidden camera, spy camera sunglasses etc to spy like a pro. Click to search for more Bond 007 spy cameras »