Cheapest Alarm Monitoring Company Could Be The Best

by JDaddy
(Metairie, LA, USA)

USA Fire & Burglar Alarms

Cheapest alarm monitoring service I ever had as been the best so far for me. The first place I saw an advertisement for my alarm company was at a home and garden show. They were handing out a brochure that offered alarm monitoring services for $7.50 a month.

I had just bought my home and was looking at different security systems. This was a third of the price that other people were charging, so I was interested.

The company was USA fire and Burglar alarm. They offered many positive things. I already had the equipment in the home that was needed for an alarm system. All they had to change out was the control panel. This was done at no charge. They were able to get to my home fairly quickly once I decided to use their service. The only issue I had at first was that the price was not exactly what they advertised. Instead of being $7.50 a month they also add on a $5.00 surcharge onto the bill. The total cost is $12.50.

This is collected once a year and there are no monthly payments. I pay $150 a year and do not have to worry about it every month. I have the payment set up on a recurring plan for a credit card, which makes this a very easy security company to deal with. I have not had any problems with an interruption in service due to non-payment and do not anticipate that ever happening.

The service of the company has also been very good. The company is a locally based company. The people who answer the phones are always polite. They might not always answer my question, but they do say that they will find out the answer and get back to me or have someone who deals with the issue get back to me. I have never had a problem with them not returning my calls.

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The alarm monitoring station has been very good as well. We have set the alarm off accidentally a few times and they have been very good about contacting us at the numbers that we have provided.

The monitored smoke alarm works as well. When we did set that off, they called the home right away to find out if we needed help. They are also good about asking for the security word every time the monitoring station has to call my home.

The only problem that we had with the alarm company is the backup battery. When we evacuated for a hurricane the power was out at our home for an extended period. The battery was ruined and they made me purchase a new one which cost over $80. They did have extra on hand and came out to the home the next day, but I later found out that I could buy the batteries on my own and replace it myself for less than $20.

The only good part of this is they waived the service charge to have someone come out to the home. I would recommend that anyone in the New Orleans area consider this alarm company.

They deliver the same service as the big name security companies at a fraction of the cost. The fact they are a local company makes them even better.


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