How to check for hidden cameras in your home

With so many new advances in security cameras these days the possibilities about where they are located and what they are recording are endless. There may be hidden cameras in your home without you even knowing.

It seems every day there is a new camera being released that is even smaller and more easily hidden than the before. This is opening up a lot of new potential places that your activities can be recorded without your knowledge.

How To Find Hidden Cameras Fast in 3 Easy Steps

Having the ability to keep an eye on things while you are out-of-town or away from your business is a great advantage. It is recognized as an acceptable reason to use video monitoring systems.

However, spying on people when they are changing in a locker room, or when they’re using the restroom or sleeping in a hotel room is absolutely unacceptable.

We all know the world is filled with evil-minded people and they will use these hidden cameras to either get amusement or to cause embarrassment on others. We have developed a list of a few ways you can check that you are not being recorded without your consent.

Checkmate hidden cameras in your home

Do a physical inspection of the place you are entering, if it is your home you should be quite familiar with the layout and set up of your furniture as well as wall hangings or decorative items on tables or shelves.

If you notice that anything looks off on the wall or you see tissue boxes that you did not buy chances are that is where the hidden camera is located.

You can check the object itself and places behind and near it to decide whether it is a camera or not. Flower pots, smoke detectors and light fixtures are the go to places for an easy camera installation.

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Counter Surveillance Equipment – Hunter Becomes Hunted

Use your God given abilities – hearing and sight

When walking through your home listen carefully with no other background noise to disrupt you for a click or buzzing noise. Most motion sensitive cameras will make an audible noise when they click on. If you hear the noise you have found your camera and can dispose of it as you see fit.

By using your eyes if you turn off the lights and scan the home room by room for tiny blinking or steady red or green lights, these are the indicator lights that come standard on all cameras.

Also while the lights are off you can take a flashlight and an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll, placing the roll over one eye and closing the other as if you are looking out of a telescope scan the room for what is known as a pinhole camera charge coupled device or CCD.

These will most likely be placed in a tiny opening in a wall or object if you see a glimmer as you shine the light you have located the cameras and your mission is complete.

How to install surveillance cameras outside of the home 

Use your cell phone to scan the area

You can place a call on your phone and swipe it past the locations of where you suspect there is a hidden camera. The frequency from the camera will interfere with the cell phone causing a clicking noise in the phone when this happens you are interfering with an electromagnetic field and you have located the hidden cameras.

In addition to using you cell phone if you really suspect that you are being watched you should invest in a RF signal detector or bug detector. These devices are what you are used to seeing on spy movies, they scan the area and pick up any frequencies allowing you to find the cameras and regain your privacy.

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If you do find a hidden camera in your home be sure to not touch them and walk away outside of the area as if you have not noticed the camera and contact your local law enforcement agency, they will send a response team to remove the cameras and gather evidence as to who and why they were installed in the first place.


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