Would You Welcome This Cleaner Robot Into Your Home?

Okay, I must admit, I’m not a robot tech guy and can’t tell much difference between the tones of a machine’s beep or which wire goes where in a CCTV or IP video camera, but I’m super excited at the thought of having vacuum cleaner robot in my home.

I know what you’re thinking “He’s been watching too many science fiction movies and irobot stuff”, but wouldn’t you also want a robot in your home to handle all those tiring house chores?

Think about it for a while, isn’t this what science is supposed to be about – ‘perfecting inventions to ease our lives’.

Of course not in the Frankenstein and monster kind of way, more like Roomba and Scooba. These robots are the solution to a problem that has been with us for thousands of years. If buying a home is difficult; ask someone who has to maintain one.


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So Would You Welcome Robots Into Your Home?

This is what I asked myself when I found out about a company that produces robots to handle home chores. At first I had all those negative and irrational thoughts that robots would rule humans when we let them into our lives.

But then I saw these robots and felt really stupid, after all they were created by humans. So please explain to me how they would get the extra batteries they need when the ‘great’ insurrection begins, without ‘John Doe’ from Nokia, Samsung, iRobot, Apple and other companies that would be making them.

If you’re still thinking robots are dangerous, then maybe you really need to cut down on the sci-fi stuff. Let’s be realistic, even spy cameras and commercial surveillance systems have not revolted against us, why would home cleaning robots.

What do they have to gain? It’s not like they get tired or need to rest after each cleaning.

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After much thought I decided to get some robots for my home and am I happy about that decision. Let me introduce you to my robots and tell you a little about what they can do.

Roomba: Amazing Robot Vacuum Cleaner


This amazing robot is designed to vacuum carpets, tiles, hardwood and linoleum floors. It is pretty easy to use and is a joy to watch doing its job. Without missing a spot or stopping for a second Roomba cleans my floors sparkling new, automatically adjusting itself between the different surfaces as it moves around my home.

The best part of it is I don’t have to lift a thing or clear out my rooms for it to work, Roomba finds its way around the tightest corners, getting under my bed and chairs to clean thoroughly, and moving from room to room without any prompting or guidance.

Another impressive aspect of this robot is how it intuitively goes back to charge itself after each cleaning round, almost like it knows when the battery is running low.

Scooba: Smart Floor Washing Robot

Scooba Robot For Washing Floor

This smart floor washing robot is a close relative of Roomba cleaner robot, but specializes in washing floors. It works very much like Roomba, moving around my home intelligently whilst washing the floor.

Scooba automatically avoids the carpets or stairs and vacuums my floor, and removes dirt before it washes it with a clean solution. Scooba has been proven to cut over 80% of the common contaminants that remain after we use mops.

Scooba does a pretty good job of washing my floors, admittedly better than I can do. All I have to do is press the on button after programming my cleaning routine and Scooba washes my home, even when I ‘m not around.

Looj: The Great Gutter Cleaner Robot

Looj Cleaner Robot

This guy is the smallest of all my collection of robots, but by no means the least powerful, Looj performs its job of cleaning roof gutters with remarkable skill. All I have to do is drop it in the gutter and with the detachable handle/remote control I can easily control the direction Looj moves.

Looj comes with juggers that spin and remove leaves and other dirt away from gutters. While its sweeper and scrubber ensures the gutter is completely clean of sludge and other materials that sticks to its surface. The best part of Looj is that I don’t need to get myself messy when cleaning up because it is completely safe to wash Looj down with a hose. Check out Looj in action in the video above.

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Verro: The Pool Cleaning Robot

Verro Pool Cleaner Robot

You were thinking my robots were only built to work indoors, huh, well meet Verro. Verro is a pool cleaning robot that cleans my pool and filters the water at the same time.

Verro can clean all types of pool surfaces, vinyl, fiberglass or gunite, it moves around the corners of my pool including the walls which it climbs up to the water mark. It also picks up large dirt such as leaves and destroys bacteria and other contaminants that are known to infest pools.

For all the misconceptions and prejudices you and anyone else may have about robots, they have actually made my life a lot fun. These days I spend time enjoying my floors and my pool and never worry about cleaning them. And Saturday is football day once again, since I don’t have to check my gutter every other Saturday for blockage.

Before now, I used to worry a lot about my home and how it’s going to be clean since I’m away for most of the day. Maids were good, but I could not trust my property to be safe with them, even with home surveillance equipment. And the pool guys, well let’s just say they’re the reason I have alarms installed on my doors and windows, besides some mandatory hidden cameras. Their reputation for breaking into homes is not something I’d like to confirm.

Today, when I wake up in the morning I simply walk around and greet my robots, Good Morning Roomba, Scooba, Verro, Looj. Okay I don’t do that, but I might as well, since they have made my life more enjoyable by transforming my home into a palace and me into a king of robots!


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