Comparisons of Brinks and ADT Alarm Security Systems

I am hoping someone will find my comparisons of Brinks and ADT alarm security systems  very useful here so I will post my reviews in detail.

I was hesitant to get a home security alarm system for our home but my husband was insistent. He did a great deal of research and decided that Brinks would be the best system to get.

One of the reasons that he chose the company was that he felt that the Brinks name was synonymous with security and safety. He was right and I am so happy that we ultimately chose Brinks.

Although we heard Brink has been acquired by ADT Security but those of us who are customers of Brinks still consider and think Brinks since we do not experience major difference in services except for the below average customer service of ADT!

The entire process from installation to use of the system has been simple and without issue. It was probably one of the most hassle free experience that I have had dealing with a large company . We were able to get the installation done during a special promotion by the company.

Comparisons of Brinks and ADT Alarm Security Systems

A standard installation was free. We were very nervous that this would be a way of the installer getting in the door and then telling us that our home required some sort of special or detailed installation and charge us a great deal of money.

We were on guard when the installer first arrived and might have even seemed somewhat stand offish. This was not the case.

The installer actually helped us to decide the best system for our home and that we had children who may often forget to turn the system off and on. The installer was amazing. He explained all the nuances of the system. He completed the installation in very little time, but we did not feel as if we were being rushed. Once the install was complete he took the time to help show not only my husband and myself how the system worked, but our older children as well.

He explained what would happen in the event that the alarm went off.He also took the time to tell the kids how they should never panic , even if they set the alarm off accidentally. The experience started off great and continued this way when I eventually did set the alarm off by accident. The representative who called was patient and kind, however she was also very firm. We had the security system installed nearly ten years ago.

In the years since the company that handles the monitoring has changed. We have had very few occasions where we have needed to have interaction with the call or customer service center. The alarm system had a small upgrade a few years ago when we added an addition to our home, The company was efficient, but the customer service was not half as good as the exceptional service that we received from the Brinks staff.

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The level of service that Brinks offered was absolutely above average. They care that their customers were pleased and that they had a system that fit their home, family and personal needs. There are not many companies that place an emphasis on customer service anymore. However, we had an amazing experience with Brinks and would have stayed with them if the company had not transitioned out of the home security business.


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