Counter Surveillance Equipment – Hunter Becomes Hunted

Counter surveillance equipment is a like a bullet proof and metal detector which you can use to detect intrusion and protect yourself against attack. You don’t have to run away from your spies anymore or afflict yourself with paranoia, turn the invasion around, hunt down those hunting you.

If you’re wondering if you really need counter spy devices, then, think about these:

Do you often feel someone is spying on you or listening secretly to your conversation? Are you afraid someone might have planted small spy video cameras in your bedroom, bathroom, hotel room, office or even in your car?

Then you surely must have an anti-spy and surveillance equipment to protect yourself from pranksters and deliberately harmful people. Imagine checking into an hotel room one night with your partner both of you in perfect romantic mood.

But unknown to you, there are hidden secret spy cameras lurking everywhere from ceiling, wall clock, dressing mirror to bathroom mirror….

To make matter worse, imagine you receiving an anonymous email one week later with a link to a freaky porn site where your video taken with hidden spy cameras has been going viral!

Counter Surveillance EquipmentWhat a humiliation that could be!

Everyone needs a counter surveillance equipment that works like magic wand for checking and finding hidden cameras and spy bugs like this hidden camera detector to detect every wired or wireless camera that might have been hidden in your room or elsewhere.

If you are worried about how to build a spy bug or camera detector or any other surveillance equipment detector, worry no further, why build it when you can buy it cheap.
No need to re-invent the wheel…. Don’t you think so?

Spy Camera Detector – Magic Wand Against Humiliation

Now rewind one week earlier and imagine having an anti-spy anti surveillance equipment.

Probably a mini portable hidden video camera detector that you can hold up to your eyes like a mini USB disk, press a button and scan the hotel room to detect any hidden wired and wireless spy cameras within 10-15 seconds to secure your privacy.

Hidden camera detectors are small portable counter surveillance equipment with great potential to save you from embarrassment and preying eyes.

They become a powerful magic wand to instantly find hidden wired cameras or tiny wireless spy cameras in a bathroom, locker room, dressing room, office or anywhere even if they are turned off!

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anti surveillance equipment for wireless hidden spy camera work by detecting light reflection from the covert spy cameras and revealing the locations of the hidden spy bug cameras to you.

Telephone Voice Changer – Ideal Tool for April Fool!

  1. Have you ever wished you could disguise your voice with a telephone voice changer to make that important phone call?
  2. Is it April fool and you wished you could change your voice on phone to scare the living daylight out of someone?
  3. Do you wish you could disguise your voice with phone voice changers to make that phone call and frighten that stubborn fella owing you some $,$$$,$$$
  4. Or, you just wish you could change your female voice to a male voice and have some fun on your girlfriends?

There are infinite number of ways you could use a telephone voice changer as counter surveillance equipment. Even children find it great fun to use.

Portable Telephone Voice Changer can alter your voice up to sixteen different pitches. The degree of change can be adjusted as you speak.

You could change the modes to mimic robotic voice, animated voice, young child voice or even deep baritone voice. Interestingly, some telephone voice changer can double as mobile cell phone hands free for cellular phones.

Smart Tips: A phone voice changer is portable and compatible on all telephones. Simply attach the Acoustic Coupler to your telephone’s handset, adjust the 16 settings by turning the selector.

The result has almost no resemblance with your normal voice. High settings will increase the pitch and low settings will decrease the pitch. See some professional and amateur cell phone voice changer that can easily help you disguise your voice discreetly and make calls without being recognized.


Spy Bug Detectors – Effective Counter Spy Gadgets

Have you ever wondered why the KGB was so popular as the world’s most effective information gathering organization? It simply because of their impressive espionage (or spy) and counter surveillance tactics. The KGB secured the safety of prominent political figures and vital state property at any cost using advanced anti-spy equipment.

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In case you ever feel you and your family are being watched, you too could become your family’s KGB by protecting your family and valuables from embarrassing violation of privacy by investing in good spy bug detectors and other anti surveillance equipment.
Professional Frequency Finder Bug Detector with Covert GPS Tracking Detection

You could use a wireless spy bug detector to effectively uncover all types of bugs from telephone bugs or taps, hidden video spy camera bugs and many more. Recently, a business person who was not aware that his phone has been tapped lost millions of dollars to his workers who arranged to have him robbed on his way to the bank.

One of his workers had tapped his phone, installed tiny hidden wireless video spy cameras in his office and secretly eavesdropped on his conversations.

Although the businessman mentioned that he had a “feeling” he was being spied on but he never took any active step or use any counter surveillance equipment to curtail or confirm his suspicion. He could have probably lost his life during the robbery attack! A portable speech protection system with Built-in RF detector could have saved him from loss and life-threatening robbery attack.

There are different types of spy bug detectors you could choose from to save you from loss, humiliation or even help save you from harm. Most of these spy bug detector devices are quite portable, wireless, handy and very effective and they can detect bugs as far as 25ft away.

For example, a vibrating pocket transmitter detector is a small silent frequency detector which detects and instantly alerts you when a secret transmitter is detected.

Mobile Phone Spy Protector Cellphone Electronics Anti-Spy
Whenever you have that “hunch” that something is not right about your environment that may not make it conducive for communication, simply bring out your spy bug detector to confirm or refute your suspicion.

With the device hidden in your pocket, you can covertly monitor eavesdropping activity without alerting anyone that you are sweeping the premises for concealed bugs. Protect yourself from spying eyes, hidden wireless spy cameras and eavesdroppers by investing in a good spy bug detector.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.