Wireless Covert Surveillance Equipment Tricks

Using a covert surveillance equipment may not be your thing. But for those who have ever used cheap spy cameras to obtain evidence of criminal activities, illicit affairs, and uncover dishonest workers; hidden video spy cameras are a real gem.

For example, if you feel something is not quite right about your spouse, you can use spy surveillance equipment to catch your cheating spouse.

You feel something fishy is going on about your worker but you simply cannot place your hands the problem, it may be a good decision to invest in a small surveillance monitoring video equipment to instantly nab them in the act.

Guidelines on this page are specifically what you need to know to make well-informed decisions. Meanwhile, for a quick refresher and tips on hidden spy equipment, quickly glance through some short and sharp information on hidden wireless spy cameras.

Innovative Ways To Use Covert Surveillance Equipment

People have traditionally used covert wireless spy cameras to monitor nannies and in fact, the term hidden wireless nanny spy cameras was coined from it. Such wireless hidden surveillance equipment are mostly fit for home as part of home security systems.

However, listed below are other interesting ways you can use your covert wireless hidden security spy cameras.

As an employer or business owner you can effectively use really tiny hidden wireless spy cameras to monitor your employee and keep and eye on their productivity and diligence.In fact, hidden spy camera can even help in resolving disputes with customers and employees.

If you have a number of pets, you can install a hidden surveillance camera in your pets’ house and track your pets.If you need to take your pet to a crowded place and you’re worried she might get lost in the crowd, you may want to consider tagging her with a wireless locator. It’s quite effective.

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If you have a fish pond and you wish you could get a glimpse of their activities underwater, there are underwater wireless spy cameras specifically designed to be waterproof. You could even go swimming with waterproof spy cams.

To know your spouse is cheating without being able to do anything about it can be disheartening. However, it doesn’t have to be like that forever. You can obtain evidence against infidelity with surveillance video spy cameras.

There are many of them you could use: Covert spy camera that looks like ordinary tissue box, to AC adapter with hidden cams, smoke detector with overhead camera recording, cell phone spy gadgets among others. If you want to put an end to your nightmare of suspicion, you can easily do a semen test to checkmate your spouse (man or woman) using this cheap 5 minutes discreet semen testing kit.


Before using any covert surveillance equipment on anyone, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is it worth it or even necessary?
  2. Am I ready to face the consequences of my findings?
  3. Will I be able to deal with the outcome constructively?

On the flip side, if your boss or office colleague is harassing you sexually or making some overtly suggestive move which you find very offensive. Body-worn, (wearable) covert video surveillance can be very helpful in getting some evidences, warn and scare him with your evidence if you decide to press for litigation.

Indeed, you’re only limited in your imagination of what you could use wireless hidden surveillance cameras to do. if you can think it, there’s definitely a wireless secret surveillance equipment for that purpose. You may have other purpose in mind, why not discuss some other interesting ways you plan to use your wireless hidden surveillance spy cameras.

In case you have even used covert wireless spy camera to capture some shocking video footage, you can also share your story with others on this site. These secret spy gadgets for covert surveillance are what you need to spy like a Pro! You won’t want to do without them.

Opinions: Some people think you must spy on your spouse if you suspect infidelity, some think it brews marital issues that are difficult to resolve. What’s your opinion on this?

Smart Installation Tips for Wireless Spy Equipment

  • Place your wireless hidden surveillance camera in offence prone areas e.g. doorstep, cashier or point-of-sales, stock room, vault areas, and other places.
  • You may allow people to know they are being watched without revealing location of your hidden wireless spy cameras. Why would you want to put a bell on your bait. It defeats the purpose.
  • You will need to consider positioning your wireless spy surveillance equipment under ambient light for good recording. Not all cameras can record in dark places. You will need special spy cameras called night-vision spy camera for such.
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