CPI Intouch Security Alarm Throws Burglars Into Panic Mode

Installing a CPI alarm system in my house appears to be one of the smartest security decision I’ve ever made because it has apparently saved me thousand of dollars in recent times.

Not too long ago I lost my job and had to take on a lower paying job to keep roof over our head and to be able to put meals on the table. We couldn’t afford the bills of our previous house as our combined earnings (my wife and I) were not enough to live the kind of lifestyle we were living before.

So we did the only thing we thought we should do…. We moved into a new, more affordable neighborhood – cheaper than our previous house. Unknown to us, our new neighborhood happen to be receiving lots “traffic” from robbers and burglars every other day.

so one day, some robbers came to attack my house in the afternoon while I was away. Thankfully enough, I had installed my CPI security systems weeks before that event.

CPI inTouch Home Alarm System

My CPI home security system really foiled those burglars. I had my CPI Intouch set up to give a silent alarm and alert me on my iPhone if it detects anything.

When I got the video of those two dummy burglars breaking and entering into my house, I alerted the police, then waited for them to arrive before setting off the alarm in my home.

I have never seen anyone running as fast as those criminals, and they ran RIGHT INTO THE COPS.

I sure gave them a piece of my mind as the police booked them.

A few other related events have happened after that but hey, this first one really blew my mind. My wife and I still have a good laugh about it whenever we remember.

As you wrote in your review, CPI inTouch alarm security system is indeed a good investment. I’m glad we did made the decision to protect our home with CPI Security.

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I love my CPI inTouch security alarm!!


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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