Philips Avent Wireless Digital Baby Monitor – Top 4th

With this digital baby monitor, what else would you expect from Philips Electronics, a leading high-tech manufacturing company in health and monitoring than an excellent product?

  Avent digital baby monitor can stand should-to-shoulder with any of the best breed of baby monitoring equipment out there in terms of design, features, quality and sensitivity.

Philips digital video baby monitor is distinctively unique in producing crystal clear image videos and sound quality. Both day and night video feeds are exceptional.

Philips baby monitor is designed with a secure automatic channel selection feature that gives you reassurance of your child’s safety. Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor, White

The infrared (IR) night vision technology also enables you to see your baby even in the dark or low light.

If you have had one of those power-draining wireless baby monitors, you will appreciate the long battery life of Philips baby monitors.

The rechargeable baby monitor receiver unit allows you to move up to 150m (over 450ft) around your home while still keeping an eye on your child.

Important! babysitter video monitor safety tips


More interestingly, Avent wireless video monitor features noise activated lights that glow when your baby cries.

The lights increase in intensity in response to your child’s noise level.

Also, the automatic screen activation alerts you when your baby is awake and you can easily control the volume and brightness from your monitor for easy viewing.

Unlike many other digital baby wireless video monitoring devices, Avent digital video monitor features a digital link confirmation that alerts you if you are within or outside the reception range.

Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor, White is a great baby monitoring system allowing you to stay connected to your child.

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We love the fact that the digital baby monitor can play lullabies through the baby camera unit much like the top-ranked ClearVu Digital wireless video baby monitor.

These sets of video monitors for babies are safe and designed for easy mounting and positioning. They are smart devices featuring longest ranges and reach. Needless to say, they are intuitive. Once in your hands, it’s easy to figure out the best placements.

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Some Cherry-Picked Best Wireless Baby Video Monitors

We know how hard it is to review, select, and decide on the essential functions or features of the wireless digital video baby monitors you are considering. However we have simplified the work for you:

Features Lacking in Philips Avent Digital Baby Video Monitor

While we understand that no single wireless digital video monitor with color can provide ALL the outstanding bells and whistles without some trade-offs.

However, the lack of pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera feature on this great device reduces the stars rating by 1.

  • It does not provide scalable multi camera integration. So you cannot use more than one camera on it.
  • This camera also can potentially be greatly affected by interference.You may want to be sure you will have minimal interference in your area before investing in this product. Else, your baby’s cry will wake you up long before your monitor recovers from severe interference.

It is important to mention in this baby monitor reviews that the wireless Avent digital video monitor features an automatic channel selection making it possible to select an interference free channel in case one channel is jammed. But this is only effective in minimal interference.

For safety reasons, baby monitors with power cords should never be hung on or near the crib. Power cords should be kept more than 3 feet away from the crib and baby’s reach at all times.
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Philip Avent digital baby monitor is a superb child monitoring system that gives you fantastic video and audio surveillance support to monitor your child with your babysitter and caregivers.


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