Smarter Home Digital Video Surveillance Systems Emerge

Existing home digital video surveillance systems with security alarms and cameras have seen tremendous changes in recent years. These changes give us hints that future home surveillance equipment are transforming into powerful devices that can automatically recognize you and your family members as residents but accurately zero in, capture and identify criminals’ faces.

But do you know these changes are tips of the iceberg compare to what next generation video security camera equipment for homes will manifest?

You remember those security scanning devices, and metal detectors you pass through at the airport that recently generated lots of scuffle in United States?

Those thermal imaging X-ray surveillance camera systems practically make you “naked” allowing those Kool-Aid drinking security guys have nice hi-fives while watching your well-documented opened butts.

Well, no.. no, we cannot blame them because they need those high-tech security camera equipment to keep us safe.

Of course, these intelligent surveillance monitoring systems are very intrusive since they show those private areas and subject people to unnecessary embarrassment.

Even a TSA worker could not contain himself from battering his supervisor who made fun of his genital during a body scanning training.

Truth is, it’s just a matter of time before these obtrusive security monitoring devices become built into our indoor and outdoor home electronics video surveillance systems to detect, identify and capture robbers and vandals.

Not even a masked face can evade being detected. This simply means masked bank robbers, home vandals; rapist and masked criminals cannot go undetected.

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Biometric Digital Video Surveillance Systems with Iris Recognition

We believe the next generation of home digital video surveillance systems would run on the heels of surveillance monitoring devices use in TV series like CSI, NCIS, Bones etc.

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They would be packed with highly advanced functional fingerprint recognition and other biometric software.

Listed below are biometric software enabled features we expect in future home video surveillance systems.

Surveillance Cameras With 3D Facial Detection & Recognition

3D facial recognition is fast emerging.
3D facial recognition uses distinctive features of the face where rigid tissue and bone is very clear, such as the curves of the eye socket, nose and chin to identify the subject.

These areas are all unique and don’t change over time.

Your biometric digital home video surveillance systems would be able to detect repeating burglars whom you probably do not know come to your house every once a-while to profile your home for possible attack.

Personalized Smart House Monitoring Systems With Biometrics

Trailing the emergence of 3D face identification is the biometric fingerprinting.

While this technology is as old as age, it is still one of the most effective security systems in the world.

That’s why it is being integrated into various biometric security devices and door access control systems for enhanced security.

This is not new as everybody seems to know that. Right?

But what you may not know is that, the future of fingerprint biometric devices is surely not only security, but personalization of those intelligent home alarm sensors and systems.

Recently, Apple R&D division filed a patent for biometric-sensor handheld devices that can recognize a user by the image of his or her hand.

This means, soon, house alarms false alarm could probably be a thing of the past because your house alarm systems is loaded with personalized settings to recognize who you are.

Door Access Control Systems With Hi-Tech Voice Recognition

These security features are already built into high-end phones and laptops. Professional and business people use speech software to dictate emails, letters and even automate taking minutes of meetings.

However, what we are expecting next is the proliferation of voice detection and control capability into future smart home  video surveillance systems.

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Imagine a smart surveillance monitoring camera that can zoom, pan and tilt when it detects an unfamiliar voice and then sends you an SMS alert notification for confirmation of the person?

Home Security Systems with Hand Geometry & Iris Identification

My grandmother’s home was recently burgled by some street boys.

She practically couldn’t do anything to stop the young burglars from carting away some cash which she had stacked away for some time.

hand geometry and fingerprint identifation system

She would not use a home burglar alarm system because she’s too old to remember codes and passwords.

She wouldn’t even remember to arm or disarm the system. In fact, we would probably be paying so much for penalty charges due false alarm triggers.

Now tell me, isn’t it going to be a great idea to have a home security alarm monitoring system that can simply identify her with her eyes, palm or even a wave or swipe of the hand like those wonderful feature built into new smart phones?

Home Surveillance Camera System with Body Odor Detection

Biometric identification

I’m thinking a time will come, when a home surveillance equipment will be so powerful and smart that we will even have smart odor detector sensors to detect body odor using Olfactometer.

All those powerful software-defined features such as smile detection, face detection, wink detection already built into consumer electronic devices such as cameras would probably become widely available in future biometric-based home video surveillance security system.

Side Notes: There are two categories of biometrics. Those involving behavior and other involving physical body traits.

Iris, fingerprint, hand, face, voice, retina, odor, earlobe, lips are examples body traits. Whereas signature, keystroke, voice and gait are examples of behavior.

So far fingerprinting and iris scanning are the best. Fingerprinting is the cheapest while iris biometric is the most reliable option.



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