5 Most Effective Ways DIY Security Systems Can Stop Home Breaking & Entering

If you have purchased and installed your DIY security systems for your home, then you have successfully placed yourself a step ahead of burglars, thieves and trespassers.

But now, what’s next?

Would you say your home is now very secure and impregnable to burglary and intrusions?

Could a smart intruder possibly bypass your DIY burglar alarms? If that happens, do you have a second layer of protection in place?

Could you possibly complement your existing DIY alarm system for home with some very simple and inexpensive motion activated sensor alarms placed in strategic locations around your home?

These and many more questions like these would be answered in this post to ensure that criminals think twice before getting anywhere near your home.

1.)  Quickly Detect Intrusion Outside Your Coverage Areas

To prevent burglars and intruders from breaking into your home, it is very important to check and sniff your coverage area to detect presence of intruders as early as possible, preferably before they break into your home or office.

The sooner they trip and trigger an alarm, the lesser the chance that they will damage your property or make away with your possessions. The good news is, today, DIY home alarm security systems are widely available.

As a house-owner, you should attempt to put detectors at your driveways, outdoors and every entry points. Your gates, fences, doors and windows should all be fitted with motion sensors lights and alarms. Such simple addition of motion sensor lights can be a huge crime deterrent!

Smart Tip: A burglar does not want to be seen prowling around or standing out in clear view trying to get in when an alarm or siren sounds. If at all possible you want to detect an intruder’s presence while they’re still outside and not concealed in your house.

2.)   Use Fake Cameras Scare-Tactics To Ward-Off Trespassers

So you are afraid that a comprehensive wired or wireless home video surveillance system could dent a hole in your wallet because of the exorbitant cost… and you can’t afford to watch your home’s exterior with security cameras…

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But, dummy security camera or fake surveillance cameras are not luxury as they are well within anyone’s budget.

These decoy DIY security systems look very authentic…. so much more there is almost no way to tell the difference from the genuine video security cameras. Fake surveillance cameras are excellent deterrent with blinking red lights, as well as motion tracking, pan, tilt and swivel capabilities.

In fact, dummy cameras are so effective that most big corporations and stores often use them to supplement their existing security monitoring systems.

But, hey… I can tell you how to quickly detect fake surveillance camera.

3.)   Establish Motion-Sensor Alternative Lines Of Defense

An intruder might get through your perimeter sensors you have set up, but they should not be able to get past your second line of defense which may be in your home.

An excellent example is a motion-activated DIY security systems with alert notifications that can possibly send you an SMS or email alert if motion is detected while you are not home.

If you are using a video camera DIY security systems check out our most recommended DIY security systems for indoor and outdoor solutions.
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For house alarm systems however, it is possible to safeguard inside locations where an intruder will have to pass by using motion sensors or infrared detectors.

These kinds of sensors are triggered because of the movement or presence of someone within the protected area.

These types of sensors are important because when your home exterior protection fails, your door, window and staircase alarm motion sensors should trigger. This multi-level motion activated alternative line of defense is important for any home.

4.)   Clean LandScape With Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your neighbors and passerby will protect your properties whether you are home or not. Most neighbors today have fallen into the abyss of I-only-mind-my-own-business mindset.

Passerby and neighbors are not obliged to watch over your properties for you, although others might, just in the spirit of being their “brothers’ keeper”, asides that, they have no such obligation.

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However, one great way to quickly ensure you have your eyes out to see everything coming towards your house, especially at night is to have a clean, well maintained landscape.

This option is undoubtedly the “cheapest DIY security systems” to make sure your property is protected. Make sure to keep all perimeter trees and shrubs trimmed regularly give little space for burglars to hide while approaching your home. Find out the prime spots your security systems for home must fully cover.

5.)   Bright Outdoor Lighting Using Motion Sensor Lights

Besides that motion controlled outdoor security lights offer the most comfortable, hassle-free, energy-efficient way to transform your residence to a smart home, motion sensor outdoor lighting also offer energy efficient lighting systems which costs less, easy to keep up and help reduce global warming.

So adding solar powered, motion activated exterior lighting system to your home security system is a must since they are quite cheap and easily accessible.

Smart Tips: The benefits of motion sensor yard lights cannot be over-estimated when you combine them with outdoor video surveillance system. The lights and the security cameras trigger automatically when motion is sensed.

As a result, you can expect a very clear video footage even if your outdoor security cameras do not offer night vision capabilities.

What DIY Security Systems Do You Use To Protect Your Home?

Everyone has an innate nature to protect himself from harm. So, I wonder, dear readers, what measures do you use to protect yourself, your home and properties?

Do you use or have used any of the methods explained in this article to protect your home? Or, do you think we missed out some DIY security system tips?

Share your experiences…, your thoughts. Let’s know your story. Feel free to link to any materials of worth you want other readers to know. Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do.


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