DSC Alarm Systems for Home Consumer Reviews

DSC is one of those companies I call the feeders because they provide business security system infrastructures, equipment and electronic security products which alarm monitoring companies install in your homes.

Digital Security Controls also widely known as DCS Alarm Systems is a revolutionary alarm security company providing comprehensive security products for homes, residential, businesses and corporations.

DSC alarm systems offer world class, possibly one of the best home alarm system and electronics security equipment for Do-It-Yourself (ers) and several alarm monitoring companies.

As a result, there are a wide variety of products to suit the needs of the homeowners. However, there are not many packages or complete DSC alarm kits.

Digital Security Controls is a feeder company because it provides security infrastructures, equipment and electronic alarm security products which various alarm monitoring companies install in your homes, most especially ADT alarm systems.

Tyco International is the parent corporation of both ADT and DSC home alarm security systems.

Although DSC alarm security and Honeywell Ademco have so much in common, however, DSC alarm systems offer a wider selection of innovative and revolutionary alarm security products such as the industry-leading IP alarm monitoring products and the sleek, contemporary self-contained wireless alarm panels.

Much like the major security companies, DSC alarm systems feature touch screen capabilities as well as wireless home alarm systems and modules. They offer window sensors are also available in addition to the door sensors.

Hence, DSC security offers similar protection for DIY owners who self-monitor their alarms without the hassles of contracts and installation costs. DSC home security alarm systems also provide a variety of surveillance monitors and security cameras to keep the whole house under watch.

However, all of these alarm security equipment are bought separately, making it very expensive if you want to cover every window and door in your home.

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One of the most common consumer complaints DSC alarm panels and kits is the seemingly difficult process of installing the products. It is not quite easy for an average home owner without technical skills to install.

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Benefits of DSC Alarm Systems

When you get DSC alarm systems, you are paying for quality installation. DSC is meticulous with their installation standards.

Installers must be certified by undergoing series of instructional seminars, and tests before they are authorized to install DSC home alarm kits.

Complaints on DSC Security Alarm Systems

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org), DSC security alarm system has had no serious customer complaints filed within the last 3 years.

That is a pretty impressive feat, and you’ll be hard pressed to find any negative findings on DSC Security Systems.

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