Experience With Vector Alarm Monitoring Company

By McDonald, Vector Home Security Company

Vector Security uses and tries to enforce automatic renewal clauses in their contracts. These insidious contract clauses allow a company to write a contract that automatically renews for a new period of service without you ever knowing this even happened.

They would tell you this is a good for you because your service simply continues uninterrupted passed the end of the contract date you signed up for. BUT – try to cancel or change to a new monitoring company during where the contract automatically renews and you will find they will bill you for the rest of the contract period.

They will bill you for services even though they know they will not deliver any services. This is an out-and-out gouge. There is no moral or commercial reason to charge people for services not rendered on an automatically renewed contract.

Yes, we understand that the first contract period is used by Vector to recover expenses of installation and start-up.

However, enforcing payment for more contract periods – that automatically renew, without notice – is unacceptable. It is pure greed. Pure gouge. Utter disregard for an earlier period of good service relationship.

This is the sign of a bad company. Service is not their game. Customer satisfaction is not their game. Running a con to collect money where no service is rendered is essentially evil and is a ripe area for consumer protection laws.

Vector alarm monitoring company – happy to run a con. So we purchased our home with the vector security system already installed, within the first month of living in the home we received a call from a representative feeding us a sales pitch & trying to get us to re-activate services with them, we had them come out and again the sales rep did all he could in trying to get us to upgrade but we stood our ground and decided to just activate former services.

 The trouble began once our alarm started going off at any given moment or beep spontaneously through out the day.

We received a call stating our battery needed to be replaced but was never told we could do it ourselves and not necessarily need a techie, however an appointment was made and a tech came out 1 week later to only spend 5 minutes labor in the home taking out a $12.00 battery & replacing it and then handing my husband a $102.00 bill for service. What the fluff-a-nutter is that about.

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When we called, we were told we should have been given the option to service our own alarm, we said no then we were told the only way we could get out of it was to upgrade our system at which time we would only have to pay the cost of the battery and upgrade and not the extra $90.00 service charge.

Since we have received bill after bill, still with the services charge. Lets just say once this contract is up. We are done, finito…with these jokesters…completely unprofessional.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.