Using Fake Surveillance Cameras Can Be Dangerous

Fake surveillance cameras are cheap and highly affordable but how effective are they?

Nowadays, so many security monitoring companies are aggressively promoting fake cameras. But is it wise to even use simulated cameras even if you are so scared and shaken that you wet your pant?

Below are some interesting questions you need to answer before purchasing a dummy surveillance camera whether for your home or your business environment:

  1. Are fake cameras enough and efficient enough to secure your homes and properties?
  2. Would dummy outdoor security camera be adequate outside your home to scare of trespassers on your properties?
  3. Are false security cameras even legal in your country or proper for your business or company?
  4. Do decoy surveillance cameras really help to complement your existing or intending home video surveillance camera system installation?
  5. Would you lose much if breaking and entering (B&E) actually happened but you could not prove it because you installed decoy security cameras?

Dirty Tricks To Identify Decoy Surveillance Cameras

Fake security camera - professional security cameras

Fake security camera – professional security cameras

Truth is it is so difficult to identify decoy surveillance cameras as cheap as they are. Years ago people simply checked if the camera has 2 cables – one for data or video feeds and the other for power supply.

But today, we have wireless cameras and Power-over-Ethernet POE wireless IP security cameras which do not need 2 cables. So just because there is no wire showing does not guarantee you’ve detected a fake camera.

Some people erroneously believe decoy security camera lenses are plastic which can be easy to identify simply by looking at it. To that, I say rubbish!

Check out this Dummy Infra Red Dome Camera, you can never know it’s a fake security camera. The point is unless you could physically check the surveillance camera and the wiring, you would have absolutely no way of knowing because a camera lens can be as small as a fiber optic strand and you wouldn’t even detect that it was there.

Another interesting believe is that surveillance cameras that are installed in places that screams “Hey, I’m here…” give themselves off too easily and as such, those are fake or decoy CCTV cameras. Such people believe real cameras are installed in hidden places. Again, I say, error!

Okay, seriously, you still want to know how to uncover a fake camera. That’s easy, very easy…

Get some water, make small mud-ball, rub or throw it at the lens. If the owner or security guards comes out later to check the camera lens and cleans off the mud sometimes later, then, I advise you to run for your life, because those are NOT fake security cameras.

Do not even think for one moment that security cameras with blinking red LED lights must be fake security cameras. You may be in for a very unpleasant surprise.

Hey, it’s my security camera. I can install it anywhere I want. I may just install a motion-activated security camera that records and stores video images only when motion is detected.

So if I install that motion-camera in obvious place, nobody will encroach on my zone since they do not want to be captured on camera. As a result, camera will not detect motion, it will not record any activity and then, I would have saved storage space which means, I’ve saved money!

Then, how in the world can you distinguish a false security camera from wicked don’t-mess-with-me real professional cameras when those decoy surveillance cameras are so elegantly designed and neatly camouflaged as the real deal. Truth is, simulated decoy LED surveillance camera are getting more confusing and deceptive by the day and they are not quite easy to identify unless…

Why Dummy Security Camera Are So Effective

Naturally, the inherent fear and embarrassment of being “caught on camera” prevent people from engaging in criminal activities. Hence, fake security cameras exploits the inherent fear of detection and knowledge of resulting embarrassments if detected.

Fake CCTV surveillance cameras with motion-activation or with LED blinking lights have great potential to help prevent criminal activities. For most homes and residential, dummy cameras or even a CCTV surveillance system signpost are often enough to scare off intruders and ensure excellent security measures.

Are Fake Security Cameras Sufficient For Your Needs?

Dummy dome security cameras (4 pack)

Dummy dome security cameras (4 pack) Dummy cameras are often used to complement existing business or home surveillance systems and they are perfect for giving an impression of having more camera covering certain locations.

Fake simulated security cameras are excellent at making an existing video surveillance system appear larger than it is.

If you only have 4 or 8 cameras, and it’s not enough to cover all your vital spots, low-budget dummy cameras could be an answer.

By placing 2-4 additional dummy cameras in-between your current video cameras, you now beefed up your video surveillance system for about $100. The cost is much less than buying new cameras.

With fake decoy surveillance cameras, people walking through the loading center of your store or business premises may believe they are being monitored because they see simulated security camera. They then assume “big brother” surveillance camera or a security guard is watching. Not knowing that those cameras are actually camouflaged dummy outdoor security cameras.

Are Fake Surveillance Cameras Legal Or Illegal?

Fake security camera - bullet security camera

Fake security camera – bullet security camera

Since decoy security cameras have no active recording module to capture videos, suppose an illegal criminal incident happens where fake outdoor surveillance cameras are installed, then, it’s unfortunate that there will be no record of it.

In a workplace environment, if a crime goes undetected because fake security cameras were installed, that false sense of security may offer the basis for losing a lawsuit in the court.

Although, the vandal may break the law by actually committing the offense or trespassing on private properties, a court may fault a company for installing decoy surveillance cameras.

A company may be prosecuted and lose a court trial for having dummy security cameras.

  1. First, this could be considered a breach of contract for knowingly stating and giving false sense of security to staffs when there was none.
  2. Secondly, negligence, for giving somebody a false sense of security such that an unpleasant situation takes the person by surprise.
  3. Thirdly, failure to heed police recommendation, if a horrible incident had happened in the same area in the past.
  4. Lastly, carelessness, because when an outdoor video surveillance camera has been identified as fake, the potential for repeated crimes at the same location increases. In fact, sometimes, at very devastating rates and consequences.

Ultimately, for business security camera systems, using dummy, simulated or fake surveillance cameras could cost more in legal fees and settlements that installation of true video surveillance security systems. Click here to buy cheap fake security cameras

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