How To Find Hidden Cameras Fast in 3 Easy Steps

Nowadays, hidden cameras are almost in every household item. Some of these items have found their resting places in various homes, offices, cars, shops, malls and even government buildings.

The technology behind these cheap micro spy cameras have advanced so much that you might have a difficult time distinguishing their output from that of high-end, more expensive business security cameras.

If you’re looking for ways to detect hidden spy cameras, then you are probably aware of the dangers secretly recorded video footage can have on your career, job, finance, relationships, reputation and online image if your activities are caught on camera.

Why You Should Detect Hidden Cameras Lurking in Your Home

Everybody on the street wants to have a spy camera they can use to invade your privacy. What scares me loads is the fact that these cameras are often hidden in public places, public bathroom, hotel rooms, locker rooms, changing room and even in the ladies!

Hidden security cameras are not evil and there are countless times you would wish you have them to protect yourself and uncover life-threatening secrets. What makes me uneasy in the fact that these cheap spy cameras have found their way into the hands of people who would you use them illegally and put you in awkward situation.

So an impressive piece of technology designed for covert operation to capture criminals, drug dealers and bad-guys have found their ways into the hands of ordinary people on the street who are possibly looking for other ways to amuse themselves at your expense.

Hun! Scary world we live in.

So if you do not want someone watching you, intrude on your privacy, upload the video on a video sharing site, you obviously have to accept the fact that hidden cameras are everywhere and you should take responsibility for protecting your own privacy.

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So, what I want to do in this short article is to quickly show you 3 ways you can quickly detect hidden security cameras no matter where they are hidden, be it wired or wireless spy cameras. Finding hidden cameras at work, home or anywhere is no different; these tricks below will help you in any case.

Use Your Eyes, Do The Initial Sweep:

Watch out for small things within the area like pens, clocks or watches, keys, bracelets, pendants and other miniature items that you may ever see. If you are inside a house, look for the unusual arrangement of the living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other place in the house where you are allowed to stay for a minute or two.

Spy cameras may be hidden behind indoor plants, television sets and other appliances or they can disguise as lampshades, clocks, keys, books, tissue boxes, electrical outlets, stuffed toys, smoke detectors, lava lamps, purse, gym bags, eye glasses, DVD cases, air filter equipment, screwdrivers, buttons or any other household item.

Even hidden cameras have lenses which show light when light shines on it. If you enter a hotel or public bathroom and you see a beam of light radiating or reflecting from a tiny hole or a stuffed teddy, grab your pants and run out as fast as you can!

Use Hidden Camera Bug Detectors

Even if your eyes are as sharp as the eagle and you can see a needle from mile away, the range of visibility of human eyes is very limited. So it is almost impossible for you to visually detect every hidden camera. What you can do is to have a very handy hidden camera detector that you can use to scan your immediate environment.

Basic common sense shows that when something is hidden, it might take some ability, curiosity, keen and profound power of observation to detect. Finding hidden cameras in your house is no different.

Place the hidden camera detector right in front of you as you scan the area. The detector attempts to find the camera lenses. If any hidden camera is found, you would see that your covert camera finder would start blinking in the direction of the hidden spy cameras.

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Note that public safety cameras are usually placed in higher areas where there are hardly any obstructions. Hidden spy cameras on the other hand are usually placed within protective shields like in tinted plastic and glass domes.

Use Your Ears. Let Your Eardrum Work For You

Most cameras today are motion sensitive. This means they only activate for recording when motion or movement is detected to save memory space.

Listen actively for any buzzing or clicking within a quiet room. Take advantage of the darkness. When the lights are off, watch out carefully for any little green or red LED lights. These lights are called “indicator lights” in most camera microphones. Examine all mirrors too. Look for a CCD pinhole camera with the flashlight and an empty toilet paper tube.

Buy a wireless camera signal detector from local brick and mortar electronic stores or from reputable websites on the Internet. The detector usually uses the RF (radio frequency) technology to counter any surveillance action that may invade your privacy.

Use a high-end cellular phone to find hidden cameras or microphones by making a call to anyone then try waving it near suspected item. If a click or buzz occurs, then you know that you are near to an electromagnetic field that is usually used by hidden security cameras.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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