First Date Safety Tips You Can’t Ignore

Here are some first date safety tips you need to keep in mind regardless of how long you have known the person.

First, you should tell someone where you are going. By letting someone know where you are going you already gave yourself a place  if something were to happen to you.

Even though you might know the person for an extended length of time, it is still important to either write it down on your calendar, text someone the place or let someone know in person. Also, while you are on the date, pay attention to your environment.

If the person you are going on a date takes you somewhere you have never been, take a picture of the place. Your phone may have GPS with your pictures that can find you if something were to happen to you. Also, by paying attention to your environment can give you an idea of who this person you are potentially trying to date can be.

The third thing that might be a help would be spy cameras in your car, using your phone in your pocket or make your own with hardware from your local electronic store. Everyone has a phone today, so it should be easy to pinpoint who this person is if something were to happen to you.

The most important thing you should pay attention to is the time you are going on the date. If it is late at night, it might just be a booty call. Also, if it is late at night it could be something different. Pay attention to the time he/she is requesting you to go out on a date!

If you are a female, please pay attention to how you dress! Your wardrobe could be inviting potential predators to you. For example, if you wear a skimpy dress you could be asking for something more than a casual date.

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Or if you are a male and you show off your new Rolex watch it could present a target for certain woman who are just out to get your money. This is important because you do not want to flash all of your best qualities to a person before you date them.

That is for later when you already are in a relationship with them. By getting to know your surroundings and setting yourself up for success can help make a smooth transition to a date that you already planned way ahead of time for.

Nowadays you do not know who you are going out with and a background check doesn’t always tell you their deep dark secrets.

In conclusion, be safe by letting someone know where you are going. Let someone know through a text, phone call or family member where you are headed with the time.

It will let them know where you are located if there is a potential problem in the future. Also, by paying attention to your surroundings can help you identify a potential predator and save your butt if needed.


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