First Time Parents Unwitting Baby Video Failure

by Robert J.
(Nashville, TN)

Every first time parents make several mistakes during their early days of parenting. From stacking up un-needed books to gather dust. Then they ignorantly…

Every first time parent makes several mistakes during their early days of parenting. The first? Buying the series of books that tells you precisely week by week where your child’s development should be.
After a few months you figure out your child is exceptional and you throw the books on the bookcase and let them gather dust.

The second? The next to the last important decision of a baby monitor. Now this is a critical point in a new parents life. Because they so want to experience every single moment of their baby’s development.

This, as more experienced parents know, will pass with time. But for now, our young, tender, unsuspecting new parents have an innate and obsessive desire to see everything about their newborn bundle of bliss.

A quick toss out is the audio only version baby monitor. Way too passive… Who would be this insensitive and unnurturing?

So, it’s a google search weekend to find the perfect video monitor for baby. A few days and 200 dollars later, the latest in wireless technology is set up to both watch the amazing event and record it.

But wait…

You can’t record it with this device? No, no, no, no no…. Besides it operates on the same frequency as the computer router and really all you get is this fuzzy blob of, well, nothing…. something… called radio interference.

  So the decision is to buy an elaborate colored wireless baby video camera system, that will double as a recording device when those milestone moments occur. Coupled with a “rabbit” device to send the video across your router, success is finally achieved with a small second loan on your home…oopps…

So the 1 lux dream camera with special infrared detection is in place and both parents watch the screen and listen in anticipation of those first glorious events.

  • Nothing.
  • She sleeps.
  • And sleeps.
  • And sleeps.
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3 tapes later, the droopy eyed parents collapse into exhaustive sleep, having never seen the first inkling of a Kodak moment.

5 minutes later the 120 db piercing cry of a baby who is hungry penetrates every cavity of the first time parent’s skull. The child’s tortured face and contorted body being recorded in glorious 1080 high definition resolution.

Ok, maybe the first Kodak moment has arrived.

The next day, our slightly more seasoned parents tear down their experiment in terror and return to the audio monitor. Volume level set to stun.

Blissful sleep returns to their humble abode and all is well. Well, at least for four hours. But that as they say, is another story.

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