Free Cell Phone Tracker Software You Shouldn’t Miss – Really!

Truth is, I really don’t care why you want to use any of these premium and free cell phone tracker software, I don’t really want to know and I will not even ask you because it’s none of my business.

But what I promise to do in this post is to show you how impressive some of these cell phone surveillance tools are and how they can help you meet your goal – that is, to track down anything, anyone, mobile or not – with a simple cell phone.

So, let’s get the ball rolling…

Premium & Free Cell Phone Tracker That’d Blow Your Mind


1.)        Highster Mobile (Works on Any Cell Phone)

Highster mobileHighster Mobile is a groundbreaking next generation of smart phone monitoring software. The app is fast becoming the premier cell phone tracking software that can be used on almost any cell phone without leaving a trace.

When you need to know the truth, simply use Highster Mobile to record calls, read SMS and emails, remotely activate microphone to listen to LIVE calls, view pictures, videos and track location with GPS location tracker.

This gps cell phone tracking software is updated often. It’s simply impressive. Its performance is superior to any of its competitors out there. You shouldn’t miss it. Learn More

2.)       mSPY: Excellent Mobile Spy Software For Smartphones

Mobile Spy, mSpy is an amazing mobile phone tracker that gives you complete control over any mobile device.

You have instant, on-demand access to real-time usage data and tracking information, available anytime you log-in to the web-based Control Panel. mSpy was engineered by expert software developers to best meet the unique demands of today’s modern mobile devices.

The application runs invisibly on any device you install it on, working discretely in the background as long as the phone is turned on. The device operator has no way of knowing that mSpy is installed and running on the device. Needless to say, the setup is incredibly fast and easy. Find out more…


3.)        Mobistealth: Sensational Mobile Phone Tracker Software

If you are looking for an efficient mobile cell phone tracker that can help you to secretly listen to someone’s call from the internet or track your children’s or spouse’ location using GPS tracking features, then Mobistealth is your best choice.

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Mobistealth can help you listen to voices around your surroundings, secretly read SMS text messages, view call history and contact of your target without them knowing or easily track your child’s location from anywhere in the world. Find Out More 


4.)        Spy Bubble Mobile Phone Spy



5.)        iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is an impressive spy and surveillance software for all the IOS iStuffs like iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch. It logs (saves and reports) SMS, keystrokes (button presses), password entries, websites visited, screenshots and instantly sends them all to you by email.

This fantastic cell phone tracker can be used to watch children, supervise employee, monitor families, retrieve lost passwords and backup SMS. Me think you should check it out yourself. Use the trial version at least. Download


6.)        OX Mobile Spy (For Android Phone)

OX Mobile Spy. Cell phone spy for smart Android version phone also provides users a free trial process, now just download this program to your mobile phone to learn what your children are secretly talking and texting, smoking, drugs, what your employees really doing away from office with this mobile spy. Get The App Now!


7.)     Brickhouse Security Cellphone Data Extractor

Brickhouse security provides one of the most comprehensive, simple and easy to use cell phone tracking and monitoring solution in the surveillance industry. From cell phone spy data extractor to recover deleted text messages to the really cool cell phone recon to watch and record all voice call in real-time.

Brickhouse provides cell phone GPS solution for fleet tracking, vehicle, assets, personal, child, elderly and people with special care and needs.

Brickhouse also provides solutions for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and other smartphones. The surveillance and tracking solution is especially suited for teens tracking, business surveillance, law enforcement and infidelity detection.

8.)        All In One Keylogger


All In One Keylogger. What photos has been taken? Where exactly are they? What web site they have visited by their mobile? Who was that SMS and what did it say? Who was the supposedly wrong number from?

If you have a legitimate reason for asking these questions, you can get the answers you need with iPad Keylogger software for iPhone and iPad. See photos taken, Read SMS, Whats App messages, Call Logs, Emails, Web History know the real location and even more. See How it Works… 

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 9.)        Cell & Computer Monitoring Software

computer-monitoring-softwareIf you really want to take charge of keeping your family safe and your spouse faithful especially if you are suspecting foul play and infidelity, then you’d want to take a look at this Cell and Computer Monitoring Software.

This tool can monitor and record all keystrokes, passwords, capture emails, record websites visited, monitor online social networking activities, among others. Listen, this is a very discreet tool that has proven undetectable and hidden from anti-spyware and antivirus software. You should try it even once.


10.)        Retina X-Studio Spy Software Suite

Retina X-Studio software is a groundbreaking next generation of smart phone monitoring software. You only need install the hidden app and view activity logs online from anywhere.  The system records SMS messages, GPS locations, Call Information, Photos, Email activity and more. Some of their computer and cell phone tracker software are:



SniperSpy is a remote monitoring software which allows you to secretly see what your target is doing on a remote system. It logs activity and allows you to silently view the screen in real-time. After installation the software records all activities. You can watch the remote screen LIVE from anywhere and get an instant snapshot from the computers webcam.  More »



AceSpy records all user activity with screenshots, keystrokes and more. Hourly or daily reports can be sent to your email. AceSpy makes it easy to silently see what others do online. After you install, AceSpy begins SILENTLY recording EVERYTHING done on your computer! This easy tool also gives you the power to block activities you choose, such as web sites or programs. More »


MobileSpy and PhoneSheriff

MobileSpy lets you view the contents of all SMS text messages, see every call and track the phones. PhoneSheriff allows you to monitor activity online and block phone numbers and websites. More »



iPad and Android IOS Tablet Monitoring Software. PeekTab monitoring software silently record activities such as web history, emails, Facebook, text messages, iMessages, photos, app usage, calendar, and notes! More »


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