FrontPoint Home Alarm Security Systems

By Lainey B, (Denver, Colorado, USA) – When my fiancée and I were about to close on our first home in the Washington DC metro area, we had a ton of things to worry about. Initially motivated by a promised discount on our home owners insurance, I embarked on a quest to find a home alarm system.

I knew that our new home has an existing security system – when we were looking at the house, a British sounding woman kept saying “back door,” but I had no idea what it was or if we would want to keep it.

I began with searching online for a reliable home security systems. I submitted online request forms for more information, and began calling around. I also consulted Yelp in my area to see if anyone in the great online beyond could help guide my decision. It was shocking how expensive some of the quotes I received were!

There was no way I wanted to pay out the nose, but then I was faced with the question I dreaded – what is the price of my safety? I also had the worst conversations with alarm companies. The phone representatives were often condescending when I said I didn’t want someone to come to my home for an estimate, and at times, downright nasty.

My patience was wearing thin, and it was taking a lot for me to not freak out on these nasty people. Then I called FrontPoint Security. Seriously, the phone representative was the nicest, most enjoyable sales person I have ever talked to. He seemed to love his job, and more than that, he seemed to love helping me. While he put me at east joking about student loans and the cost of housing in our area, he also filled me in on all the great features of the FrontPoint security system.

 I’m a talker, and so was he, so I’m sure the hour we spent on the phone isn’t typically, but he didn’t hang up until all of my questions were answered. He also bent over backward trying to find me any possible discounts he could to make our system even more affordable. We have a system on our doors and windows. During installation, we managed to lose a piece of the magnet/sensor. FrontPoint sent us a new piece, free of charge! Their customer service has been fantastic.

Also, I love that I can control my home alarm from my iPhone. When we went on vacation and I had a moment of panic hours from home – did I set the alarm – all I had to do was check my App. Amazing! We haven’t had a break-in, and I hope we never do. I am so glad that we have FrontPoint protecting our home. The system has been easy to install, easy to use, and makes me feel safe.

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The discount on our homeowners insurance which prompted my first searching has turned out to be negligible, but that’s alright. And to answer the question of the price of my safety – I didn’t have to answer that with FrontPoint.

The price is reasonable, and cheaper than any of the other systems I looked into – from the upfront to the monthly cost. It appears that my safety is costing us less than $43 monthly, which is awesome!


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