FrontPoint Security Recorded My Vacation Itinerary

by Justine, (Brentwood, California )

I heard that break-ins were happening all over my neighborhood I didn’t sweat anything until my neighbor across the street had a break in. I called FrontPoint Alarm Security and they made me an appointment for the next day.

This was great because who knows I could have been next. Almost a whole month had passed by and there was no sign of any break-ins on my street. I went out-of-town on a quick vacation.

And then I got a call from FrontPoint Alarm Security telling me all this stuff I informed them that I was on a vacation out of the states and that there was no way anyone should be at my house.

They called the police and by the time I got back from my vacation I had come home to a house that hadn’t even looked broken into. I sent a card to FrontPoint Alarm Security and they called and said a thank but really I was the thankful one. So thank FrontPoint Alarm Security for being who you are and making life a little more live able.

FrontPoint Home Security Alarm Systems

The first thing that stands out about Frontpoint Security is the built-in wireless cellular link. This added feature isn’t available with most home security companies, and with it installed you have the best alarm systems to guarantee peace of mind that anyone could get.

frontpoint security systems

This technology makes it nearly impossible for a break-in to occur. And, that is the purpose of home security. One of the highlights of Frontpoint Security is their accreditation with the BBB (Better Business Bureau.) Not all the security companies are accredited, and this says so much about the company.

You can check with the BBB and find that most are satisfied with the services that they have received with FrontPoint. All of the products offered from FrontPoint are wireless, meaning there are no wires or messy hook-ups required. Monitoring is available 24 hours per day, giving you the safety that you want and deserve.

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A total of three packages are available. The Basic package is suitable for most homeowners, though two other interactive monitoring packages are also offered should you choose the enhanced features that are offered. This feature allows you to use your smart phone to manage your security system, watch feed and much more.

You will find the prices with Frontpoint to be among the best that are out there. There are always great specials going on for those wishing to install Front Point, and monthly monitoring costs are always low, with specials for the monthly cost as well.

You can always talk with a representative to choose the best security for your home, and with a free estimate, getting exactly what you need that fits your budget isn’t a problem at all. Live chat is available, a feature that most of the other guys do not offer. With a Live chat feature you can reach instant answers to all of your questions, help with products and so much more.

If you like a company that is always goes above and beyond to exceed the needs of their customers, Front Pointe is who you need. Customer service is a highlight of the company as well and you can always expect a professional, courteous and knowledgeable representative to aid with anyneeds that you may have. The next-day delivery is another awesome feature of Front Pointe.

When keeping your home and family protected is what you want to do, waiting is something that shouldn’t be done. With the next-day delivery, the next day you will be secured! How wonderful is that?

There are very few complaints against FrontPoint Security, though there have been a few customers who had problems with their products or alarms. Since registering with the Better Business Bureau in 2009, only 9 complaints have even been filed.

These complaints, as well as any from customers via phone calls or website, were handled in a quick amount of time, with results of satisfied customers time in and time out.

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Security alarms and systems are an important part of any home, and if you are serious about protecting yourself and your home, Frontpoint Security is the only name that you need to know.


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