GE Security Systems for Home Customer Reviews

GE security systems are widely available for self-monitored home security alarm systems. However, much like Honeywell Ademco, and DSC alarm systems, GE home security alarms are installed and monitored by authorized home security systems providers.

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It may surprise you to know that GE Security has been acquired by United Technologies Corporation – UTC Fire & Security – a company with great specialty in manufacturing control systems, security systems, climate and fire detection systems.

GE home security system provides business security system infrastructures, equipment and electronic security products which alarm monitoring companies install in your homes.

GE Alarm security system is a great choice for every home. One key benefit of a GE home security system is that the systems are custom tailored to the preference of the home owners.

Overall home quality, family size, location of family sleeping quarters, and neighborhood are taken into consideration to  find the perfect security system that will offer the best security coverage.

GE security systems are great product from even greater company, but GE does not install their systems.

They are like Honeywell Ademco, they create great products at affordable prices, and you just need to find an excellent home alarm security company or provider to install it for you.

Protect America, Pinnacle Security and Guardian Security Services are three of the large authorized provider of GE Security alarm Systems.

Secondly, the systems are of good quality and have warranties to protect them for the life of the product. GE security systems also protect against a lot of threats, but specialize in burglary and fire.

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However, customers often complain that GE alarm systems tend to be expensive. The constant monitoring in addition to top of the line monitors that are installed are what really tack on the extra cost. Besides, the thought that goes into creating a custom plan can be pricey.

Most of GE home security systems are not wireless, so the installation is not only difficult to do but can be very expensive and need the drilling of holes on walls and such.

Benefits of Using GE Home Security Systems

General Electronics (GE) is one of the top R&D security firms when it comes to technological advances. With their security systems, they are in the forefront.

They offer many security products through many of their subsidiaries. GE offers wireless monitoring technology and they offer very low prices on their equipment.

Complaints of GE Alarm Security Systems

GE does not install own systems. They are similar to Honeywell, they create great products at affordable prices, and you just need to find the security provider to install it for you.

Like Honeywell Ademco security systems, you can try to install the system yourself, but unless you really know what you are doing, you should have a trained professional install your system.

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