How My Car Security Camera Got Me a New Car

Car security camera is undoubtedly a must have for many car owners today. But if you are one of those lucky guys in the movies who drive those sturdy, seemingly indestructible talking Mustang, then you do not have to worry about security because your car would sure take care of itself (or should I say himself?)

If you have seen any of these movies: Transformers, I am Legend, Fast and furious and the bad-ass Shelby GT500KR in Knight Rider 2008, then you’d realize that these talking cars do not need anybody to protect them because they have amazing artificial intelligence and are more than able to take care of themselves.

Well, whether those type of cars are real or not is a story for another day.

So I take it that you have a regular car like every normal person. Then your car is probably not immune to vandalism, tire slashing, graffiti painting, screen and window smashing, body part scratching and other car damages that might cost you money.

Think of how much money you’d spend to repair your car, buy new tire and fix broken car body parts if anything happens to your car and compare that to how much you’d save if you have one or two car security cameras (front and rear) to capture evidence of damage and even the identity of the mentally derailed vandals who destroyed your car.

You see my points?

Truth is video technologies have advanced at a tremendous pace and you can now easily capture audio-visual images and recordings of real-time events as it happens. Let me quickly walk you through these tips on why you should quickly grab one of these excellent car security systems.

Two Reasons You Should Have Security Camera On Your Car

Car accidents do happen but the bad thing is we don’t receive any warnings before they happen. I wish we do we’d have been more prepared to handle such situations smooth and easy.

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Early sometimes January this year, I had an early morning appointment and I had to get out of the house as early as 5:30AM on Monday morning. 5 minutes after, I had a car accident that wrecked my (first) car and left me in the hospital for 2 weeks with terrible waist pain.

It was at a traffic stop. I had a green light to go ahead. Over 100m away I saw a car coming at top speed from the right but I thought the driver would stop as he approaches the read stop sign, so I gassed in to cross the intersection.

Split seconds later, I saw that the car was as near as 20m away from me and he didn’t look like he was ready to stop.

I honked as I tried to speed across but my 1999 model car had stayed too long in the winter cold to respond quickly. Suddenly, it was too late and… at that instant, I could see my new-born baby crying, my wife’s face flashed in front of me and my mum crying uncontrollably.

Something in me said, “This is it… you’re done….” Oh my! At that moment, I thought to myself I’ve got so many undone projects, unfulfilled dreams, unrealized expectations, and unborn babies… yada yada yada. I told myself, “No! This can’t be it!”

You can’t imagine how much information your brain can process in fraction of a second when danger looms.

Yes, it happened! I felt a LOUD bang, crashes and tires screeching and suddenly, quietness everywhere was dead silent. Needless to say, my car is now a total wreck but my LIFE isn’t. I came out unhurt.

Best Car Security CameraThanks to the new car security camera that I was testing out for a vehicle security company. I was able to capture the rear and front and my light captured the green light.
The gyro sensor triggered instantly and recorded the event and automatically saves from 30secs before the shock to the last 30 secs after the accident using special shock detection technology.

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Police came over after few seconds and I handed over the recorded video to them as evidence. Few weeks later, I got my insurance claim and I received a new car!


Improve the Security of Your Vehicle Anytime, Anywhere

If you live in a crazy neighborhood, your car may be a prime target of disgruntled neighbors.

If you have recently broken up with your lover, you or your car might be her prime target. You might just find your car someday with nasty words sprayed in big bold letters. How embarrassing can that be?

Some punk co-worker might even want to get at you by deflating your tire just because you were doing your job and you said something that did not go down well with them. Don’t be caught unaware. You need car security cameras to protect your precious baby!

Installing a simple car security camera with GPS in your vehicle can give you great confidence that your car is protected.

You can relax and spend time with friends and colleagues, spending long hours of business discussions with clients and associates away from parking lots.

You can go on late night trips with the video recording system that can record and capture every moment for you, guaranteeing your car’s safety and security.

Getting your car insured by a well-established insurance company is a wise move but installing car security cameras in your vehicle is even smarter in getting along with your accident insurance plan.


It breaks my heart to see people robbed of their hard-earned money and properties that took years of hard labor to acquire. So, I designed SmartFoxSecurity.Com to educate people on how they can protect their valuables by using video surveillance systems.

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