How GPS Personal Tracking Devices Diffuse Your Worries

Have you ever had that helpless apprehensive feeling when it’s midnight and your children, spouse or a family member is yet to return home?

To make it worse, you have been clinging to your cell phone for hours, yet, not a single phone call from them to let you know what’s going on or where they are. Do you fear for the safety of your adventurous teenagers who occasionally set out to explore the wild?

Does it scare you that you cannot know where they are, how to track them or even search for them in case anything happens to them in the wild, on the mountain or anywhere else?

Believe me, you are not alone.

You experience such fears, worries and anxieties because you care about your loved one and you cannot bear the thought of losing them or anything happening to them.

Our Society Calls For Critical Personal Safety Measures

In our cruel society where people can do anything from kidnapping, abduction and blackmail simply to get money, many parents are now getting wiser and discovering better ways to monitor and protect their family members.

Also, we have seen all sort of child abduction tactics in movies. We hear it on the news everyday, children getting lost, parents searching endlessly and fruitlessly for lost kids.

It’s not fables, and it’s not only in the movies, these things happen everywhere … and it can happen to anybody.

Imagine taking your little child to the park or a large mall. You just turned your back to greet someone (maybe a distraction)… few seconds after that, your child is gone, baited with fancy toys by a seemingly friendly stranger…

Of course the first thing you would do is run around screaming his names…. That may be the beginning of a really long search.

The same can be said of an elderly person. If you have an elderly person in your house possibly has a disability – Dementia, a disease associated with memory loss due to old age. You may not always be around to look after them. If this happens, the old, elderly person may wander outside helplessly, possibly on the street for several hours.

They may get lost or disoriented even in familiar places they have visited a hundred times before, or the poor old man may even be unable to follow simple directions back home.

Good news is, people have discovered that GPS personal tracking devices are an excellent, well-proven safety and emergency devices for target tracking and estimating the location of their spouse, children, elderly and physically challenged kids.

Excellent GPS Real Time Location Tracking Devices


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True Story – Spark Nano Returns Grandpa Home to Betty

Betty was an excited Spark Nano 3.0 GPS user who expressed how happy she was when she was able to find her grandfather who wandered out of home. Grandpa could not remember anything, phone number, address, … nothing.

Interestingly, she always put the senior security emergency alert – Spark Nano 3.0 – in her grandpa’s pocket every morning before she goes out of the house…. While Grandpa was sitting on the floor along a busy highway, fiddling mindlessly on the Spark Nano which he found in his pocket, he hit the emergency panic button. Betty, in her office, was instantly alerted of his location.

Knowing what could have happened, she drove frantically to the location. She found her Grandfather drenched to the bone under the heavy downpour of rain….


Spark Nano 3.0 GPS Real Time Tracking System

When hundreds of people begin to “Like” a product on Facebook then you can be sure there’s something noteworthy about it.

Spark Nano 3.0 GPS real-time tracking device is a very practical and particularly outstanding GPS personal tracking system that has attracted the attention of GPS experts and even movie producers and actors.

Spark Nano received an accolade when its amazing functionalities were featured on CSI: Miami to track, monitor and rescue a CSI agent and a criminal.

The GPS personal tracking device features an excellent location detection and reporting function which triggers when you hit the emergency panic alert button. The Spark Nano 3.0 is the most intuitive, cost-effective, and customizable real-time tracker.

The Nano is perfect as cell phone GPS tracking device for people, vehicles, or assets allowing you to view your target’s location 24/7 and get live alerts directly from your computer or smartphone.

It can be an amazing gift for your little girl who’s going on a picnic with her friends which you’re not very comfortable with. Spark Nano emergency alert system may be a life saver for your spouse who might be stranded on the highway because her car ran out of gas.

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Lok8u GPS Child Locator

GPS Personal location estimator is a lightweight device that can be attached to your child’s shoelaces, wrist, schoolbag, pocket, purse, backpack or clothing and is designed to help parents or guardians keep track of their children and prevent kidnap and child loss tragedy.

GPS child locator makes tracking your child as easy as breeze. It alleviates the stress and panic that ensue when children get lost, or are difficult to reach.

The Lok8u child GPS personal tracking device is a brilliant personal GPS tracker which offer impressive Live-On-Demand child tracking technology and emergency alert notification when an attempt is made to remove the strap.

These covert GPS personal tracking devices are especially brilliant for autistic children, elderly family member and disabled or physically disabled persons.

All you have to do is make sure that they strap the fancy GPS personal tracking watch on their wrist.

How Lok8u Emergency GPS Child Locator Works

When the GPS personal tracking device is activated, it transmits a signal to a Base station, through the Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

If your child goes beyond a predefined or preset range, for instance 30m-50m, an alarm will sound on the Mobile Unit carried by the guardian or parent. The Mobile Unit locates the child immediately, averting possible disaster.

The Lok8u GPS Child Locator device especially emits a series of loud beeps, allowing parents to find their children quickly and easily.

Although GPS location technology was designed years ago for tracking group of people and not persons, it is still one of the most widely used technologies for localization today.

Millions of Children Are Lost Everyday!
Protect your child with the Lok8u GPS Child tracker and get great discount. It’s an excellent uniquely designed child’s wristband which sends you an SMS alert when removed or tampered with.



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