Guardian Protection Services Alarm Monitoring Review

Guardian Protection Services is one of those big home security monitoring companies that have grown in leaps and bounds. But has Guardian Security been able to satisfy customers? Guardian Protection Services was established in 1950 and they have grown in leaps and bounds since then.

The company now has more than 250,000 families and commercial enterprises being protected under the Guardian umbrella and they are ranked as one of the top five companies for home protection in the state by SDM 100.

Guardian protection services is presently one of the best and most reliable alarm security systems companies around, installing comprehensive wireless home alarm systems and providing alarm monitoring services for a large majority of homes in the United States.

Guardian Protection also provides security system services and monitoring for small and large businesses and clients such as Coca-Cola, Heinz, Liberty Mutual, Black Box Network Services and AK Steel, just to name a few.

Alarm Security Products Guardian Services Offer

The alarm security system company has five different home security products and packages, all of which will pretty much keep you as covered as can be in the long run.

You can get either the Basic Package, the Essential, the Plus, the Premium, and the package that provides you and your abode with about as much coverage as a single home or business could need, the emPower Package.

Much like the services Vector Security also offer, Guardian protection services can envelop your living space with a beautiful home theater system using top of the line home entertainment products.

You can get upgrades at anytime, buy some ingenious new technologies like a color touch screen home control system, pan-and-tilt wireless cameras that will not only secure and scare off any potential predators, but impress any burglar who has the audacity to even try stepping foot in to your home.

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Additionally, Guardian also offer price guarantee. With a standard monitoring agreement you get free motion detector, siren, and a keypad with arm/disarm, burglary, fire protection and emergency signals.

Three Reasons Why Guardian Protection Services Rock

Having any type of home alarm system is very useful but we liked the Guardian security Systems range. The company offers a range of attractive features listed below:

  1. Remote home control by which you can remotely arm or disarm your home security and surveillance from anywhere with cellular alarm connection.
    Since most people are away from home for about 9 hours, the Guardian remote system allows the home owner to actually control lights, locks, heating and cooling systems in the house with a single remote.
    The system can also be accessed online by users to find out who entered the house and left and at what time.
  2. Quick response times for any emergencies ranging from 40 seconds to one minute.
    Guardian security uses the two-call verification system with an excellent wireless alarm monitoring system which can easily help the company alarm monitoring center to verify problems and reduce the chances of false alerts.
  3. The security monitoring company also provides wireless cellular home security systems protect your home against power failures.
    Along with the wireless service, customers also get burglary protection, video surveillance, motion detectors, Guardian fire protection, medical emergency help and carbon monoxide detectors.

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Why Guardian Security Protection Services Suck

It is not really possible to satisfy every customer and there have been complaints from numerous customers regarding the company.

Although, the alarm security company is approved by the Better Business Bureau but a quick check reveals 248 complaints about advertising of products, billing and collection, delivery issues, guarantee and warranty problems, home alarm monitoring product problems etc.

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Out of the 248 complaints, 124 were dealt with and resolved by the security monitoring.

The BBB has also stated that the Guardian protection services have worked efficient to deal with consumer complaints but many more customers are still expressing their dissatisfaction on daily basis online.

Some have made complaints about the installation and maintenance fees that Guardian protection charge clients. But if you realistically look at their costs, you are getting pretty cheap alarm monitoring services in my opinion.

Another complaint is about the attitude of customer service representatives. Some clients have written online that some reps are rude and unprofessional.

Excerpt below is what one of Guardian Services customer service rep had to say to some of the allegations against the security company:

Excerpts: “Read your contracts BEFORE you sign to avoid surprises… Of course repairs can be costly, because security equipment are not cheap.

Read your manuals as well, they actually provide good user information. Our customer service reps are not out to get you. Try being nice to customer service reps and they will bend over backwards to assist you!

Do you know how we feel when we hear customers calling in to complain all day long?

Especially the ones who get the best technology and can barely use their TV remote let alone program a user code. I am a Guardian rep and I treat all my customers like family, especially when they do the same to me.”


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