BestView Digital Handheld Video Monitor – Top3

BestView handheld video monitor for baby is an award-winning babysitter video monitoring system featuring great design, impressive sound and video quality over a range as far 350 feet.

The 2.5″ wide screen allows you to easily pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and see what your baby is curiously looking at.

The one-touch On/Off button on the handheld color video monitor allows you to switch from audio-video to audio only as you wish.

One impressive feature is the ability of the handheld baby monitor to remotely control the baby video camera allowing you to follow your baby’s eyes across the nursery.

My wife particularly likes the glowing LED sound activated light on the monitor that increases based on the baby’s noise or cry level.

Demo of this features-packed wireless babysitter video camera system. (opens in new window)

The infrared light also give clear camera view of baby even at night when the lights are out.

Interestingly, with this quiet sounds wireless color video baby monitor you are not confined to certain place.

It can easily be placed on a table, mount on wall or attach to baby’s crib.

Equally used together with BestView

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BestView wireless handheld video monitor for baby is also packed with 10 hour-long battery life, built-in microphone on the baby video camera and transmit sounds from the baby’s nursery. Important! babysitter video monitor safety tips

These sets of video monitors for babies are safe and designed for easy mounting and positioning. They are smart devices featuring longest ranges and reach. Needless to say, they are intuitive. Once in your hands, it’s easy to figure out the best placements.

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Best Wireless Baby Video Monitors

We know how hard it is to check, select, and decide on the essential functions or features of the wireless digital video baby monitors you are considering. However we have simplified the work for you:

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Features Lacking in Summer Infant BestView Baby Camera

  • This handheld video monitor is not sound activated and it has no signal indicator to warn you if you are outside the reception range.
  • It does not also support 2 way communication that enables you to talk to your baby through the video receiver.
  • It has a rugged physical appeal that only those who durability over fancy would appreciate.

For safety reasons, baby monitors with power cords should never be hung on or near the crib. Power cords should be kept more than 3 feet away from the crib and baby’s reach.
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